12/16/06 Do Not Give Out Animals as Gifts!

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Animal Friends is pointing out that animals are not toys

It's Christmas time, time of giving and receiving. When people are buying gifts, many of them think that animal will be a perfect present. However, animals are not toys; they are living creatures that acquire attention, care and also financial assets. To give an animal to someone who doesn't want to take full responsibility for it is quite irresponsible towards the animal. Next year, many of this animals will be wandering the streets until they die of starvation or under the car wheels. The ones that end up in shelters will wait in small cages for someone to rescue them.

That is why Animal Friends is kindly asking citizens not to give out animals as gifts so that they wouldn't emphasize the negligence and cruelty towards the animals and also to show respect towards other citizens that will have to take care of this animals once they are abandoned.

Anyone that wants to bring an animal home, has to have the approval of the whole family. Together, they should decide whether they can take care of it, give it all the attention and care it will need for a longer period of time.

If you decide to get an animal, don't buy one – adopt one. By doing this, you will not only avoid supporting the cruelty of animal breeding and trading, but also you will save a life of an animal that will be thankful to you by it's lifelong devotion and loyalty. Also, older animals that are more calmer and have already gone through socializing pograms are more suitable for adopting than smaller animals who's character has not yet been built.

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