02/06/08 Malaysia Decides not to Export Monkeys

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After taking part in an international campaign, Animal Friends publicly thanks Malaysia

Animal Friends welcomes decision not to export Malaysian monkeys with hope that government will adopt humane solution for human-monkey conflicts.

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), which represents Animal Friends and other groups in 17 countries, welcomes the recent announcement made by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment that the government intends to reinstate the ban on the export of macaques from Malaysia. This is a major victory for Malaysian primates and follows an international campaign by animal and environmental groups within Malaysia and across the world. Animal Friends joined the efforts across Europe led by ECEAE by sending a letter of protest to the Malaysian Embassy in Zagreb.

At a time when there is growing international concern over the plight of primates in areas such as research, it is heartening to learn that Malaysia intends to maintain the important ban that it implemented in 1984.

Such a move will prevent the infliction of immense suffering, misery and death to many thousands of primates who would otherwise have been exported for the food and research industries. An investigation by UK ECEAE member BUAV uncovered a run-down facility in Malaysia where hundreds of wild caught monkeys were being kept in poor, overcrowded conditions.

Animal Friends hope that Malaysia will now start solving the underlying problem of human-monkey conflict in urban areas without resorting to the killing of monkeys. There are ways to control monkey populations, which are not only humane, but are also more effective. The solution of this problem includes reproduction control, relocation and educating the public to adopt behavior that does not encourage monkeys to rely on humans for food.

Having this decision in mind, Animal Friends urges Croatian politicians to enforce a legal ban on experiments on primates in the Republic of Croatia, which is an ongoing campaign in Europe, too.

With such ban, Croatia will clearly define its position against exploitation and torture of our kin primates – so similar to us mammals.




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