Rules of Participation

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Minors (persons who are still under 18) must have a signed assent of one of the parents.

I acknowledge that participation in the Demo "For Europe without Seal Fur" involves risks, including but not limited to, the risk of injury or death involved in traveling to, from, and within Spain.

I understand that Animal Friends (AFC) is not responsible for matters that are beyond its control, including but not limited to, loss of or damage to any of my personal property. I hereby release and indemnify AFC and its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, and agents from, against, or for any present or future claim, loss, or liability relating in any way to my travel, lodging, and/or participation in the demo "For Europe without Seal Fur" excluding death or personal injury.

I understand that photographs and/or video footage may be taken of me before, during, and/or after the demo "For Europe without Seal Fur," by AFC or its agents, and/or any media outlet. Any such photographs and/or video footage shall become the property of AFC and/or the media outlet and may be used, reproduced, edited, displayed, transmitted, modified, and/or published in perpetuity in any and all media, on the internet, or otherwise, whether now know or hereinafter created, throughout the world and for any purpose without compensation to me of any kind. I agree to waive any and all rights or privileges that I may possess with respect to any such photographs and/or video footage.

AFC has the right at any time to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes in the itinerary or in the demo "For Europe without Seal Fur" including, but not limited to, cancellation of the entire or any part of the event for any reason whatsoever; however, if substitutions or changes are made, AFC will make suitable alternative arrangements at no additional cost to me. If before departure, AFC significantly alters the arrangements or cancels the event, I shall be notified as soon as is reasonably possible and I shall have the right to agree to the amended arrangements or to withdraw and receive a full refund of monies paid. If prior to departure, I cannot attend the event due to circumstances beyond my control, I may transfer my participation to another individual of my choosing provided that such transferee agrees to these Rules of Participation, and provided that I give reasonable notice to AFC of my intention to transfer before departure.

If I experience a problem in connection with the demo "For Europe without Seal Fur," I will, at the earliest possible opportunity, inform the supplier of the relevant service (e.g. the supplier of the accommodation or transport service) and notify a AFC representative.

I accept all responsibility for any losses or additional expenses due to unforeseen causes. If I become separated from the other participants, fail to meet a departure bus, or become sick or injured, I am responsible for securing my own transportation at my own cost.

I acknowledge that I have been advised to consult with a medical doctor with regard to my personal medical needs. I have arranged, through insurance to meet any and all needs for payment of medical costs including emergency repatriation in the event of accident or illness relating to my participation in the demo “For Europe without Seal Fur.” I recognize that AFC is not obligated to attend to any of my medical or medication needs, and I assume any and all risks and responsibilities. AFC is not responsible for the cost or quality of any medical treatment or hospital care that I may require.

I understand that each country has its own laws and standards of acceptable conduct. I recognize that behavior which violates those laws or standards could harm AFC's relations with those countries, as well as my own health and safety. I will at all times abide by all such laws and standards and AFC shall not be responsible for any costs that I may incur should I not abide by such laws and standards.

I understand that EU passport holders do not require a visa to visit Spain. If I am a holder of a non-EU passport I should make my own enquires as to whether I will require a visa for this trip and I understand that it is my sole responsibility to obtain any visa or other travel documents necessary for this trip.