Petition "Handle with Care"

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Global suffering

It is hard to imagine travelling for hours, days or weeks in extreme temperatures and cramped, filthy conditions. But millions of animals do so every year, just for a distant slaughter.

Local failures

While the European Union (EU) has the world's most comprehensive legislation on animal welfare during transit, enforcement is currently costly and ineffective.

Thousands of horses, pigs, sheep, cows and other animals raised on farms suffer the consequences each year.

Time to take action

Next month, the long distance transport of live animals will be debated by those with the power not only to enforce and improve current European welfare regulations, but to put an end to long journeys.

We have one more month to make our voices heard. If you agree that this suffering is unacceptable, please add your name to this letter today.

Before decisions are made in October that will affect thousands of animals annually, the Handle with Care coalition, whose member is also Animal Friends organization, will deliver your signatures to the European Commissioner and President of the European Commission.

Petition is officially closed.

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