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Trawlers - one of the main enemies of the sea 11/19/2020

Animal Friends Croatia drew attention to the rapid destruction and extinction of the oceans and seas, including the Adriatic Sea, where life has already been halved. Due to intensive fishing and the growing impact of climate change, 50% of the fauna and flora in the Adriatic and the western Mediterranean have disappeared! "Those who fish and those who consume life torn from the depths of the sea are also to blame for the death of the sea, but also the competent institutions that do not pass even the most basic prohibitions. But one should not ignore one of the main enemies of the sea and all life in it: trawlers and trawler nets. Wherever they pass, they leave only destruction and desolation on the seabed ", point out AFC. The devastating effects of trawlers on marine life were warned by the United Nations Secretary-General, who reported back in 2006 that 95 percent of the damage to the marine ecosystem worldwide was caused by trawlers tearing the seabed.

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