5 Modern Diseases on the Rise Because of Factory Farming

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Aside from the fact that industrial livestock operations confine thousands of cows, pigs, and chickens into tightly packed facilities where they are forced to suffer the most inhumane treatment imaginable, factory farming has also given rise to countless modern day diseases.

When you take thousands of animals and stick them in a tiny space depriving them of all their natural instincts, you create a breeding ground for disease, and when it starts to spread, it spreads like wildfire.

Disease originating in industrialized factory farms can be transmitted via many routes not just from the food itself, but also in the water, air, and even the bodies of farmers, farm workers, and their families.

Dr. Michael Greger states, "Previously unknown diseases are surfacing at a pace unheard of in the recorded annuals of medicine: more than 30 newly identified human pathogens in 30 years, most of them newly discovered zoonotic viruses."

Why is this happening?

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Image Source: Jo-Anne McArthur/WeAnimals.org

Factory farming of pigs - image source: Jo-Anne McArthur/WeAnimals.org [ 104.33 Kb ]



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