11/20/08 Veg Sausage Fest was Held

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The Veg Sausage Fest took place in Zagreb at City Center One on November 20, starting from 5:00 P.M. It presented various types of sausages, salamis, and frankfurters made exclusively from plant-based ingredients by Croatian companies and individuals. Visitors had the opportunity to taste eighteen products, six of which have been created especially for theisoccasion.

Visitors had the opportunity to taste the sausages and to participate in voting for the best one. All participants in voting for the best sausage automatically entered a prize contest, in which Ana Mijakovic Vuckovic gained a dinner for two at a vegetarian restaurant, Marija Zulj, Zora Klemar, Zeljka Libric, Marko Romic, Marko Jurkas, and Snjezana Pecija gained a package of health food store products, whilst Damir Besic gained a prize package of sausages from the presented producers.

A special jury, consisting of Davorin Bogovic (musician), Irena Svenda (nutritionist), Sonja Njunjic (moderator of the TV-program "Man and Health Culture" and president of the Association for Obesity Prevention), Ida Roginek (cook at a vegetarian restaurant), and Luka Oman (president of Animal Friends) chose a product Zrno krvavica in the category the Best sausage, Tofu salama natural in the category the Best salami, and Zrno hrenovka in the category the Best frankfurter. Visitors chose Veggie kulen as the best product.

Veg Sausage Fest 1 [ 91.46 Kb ]Veg Sausage Fest 2 [ 101.10 Kb ]Veg Sausage Fest 3 [ 107.89 Kb ]Veg Sausage Fest 4 [ 161.83 Kb ]Veg Sausage Fest 5 [ 58.63 Kb ]Veg Sausage Fest 6 [ 100.22 Kb ]

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