Bear Sanctuary

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by Victor Watkins

Bear Sanctuary Publications, Aug 30, 2011, ISBN-10: 095677850X, ISBN-13: 978-0956778505

A wonderfully illustrated book telling the story of how and why an oak forest in the heart of Romania became transformed into a retirement home for rescued bears.

It describes the creation of the "Libearty" Bear Sanctuary in Romania, the problem faced, and the determination of those involved in he project. Situated in the oak forests of the Carpathian Mountains, this sanctuary provides a home for bears rescued from cages outside restaurants and petrol stations, where they were used to attract customers.

The Romanian bear sanctuary has given new life to once-captive bears and is a symbol of optimism for the protection of Romania’s rich environment.

Bear Sanctuary, written by Victor Watkins, explains what a bear sanctuary is, and why there was a need to create such a rescue and retirement centre for bears in Romania.

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