07/10/24 Minea says: Adoption is love!

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For 22 years, the campaign "Family to the sea, and the dog to the street?!" calls for responsible care

- Popular singer and presenter on visuals with dogs looking for a home; there is no excuse for leaving

Even sparrows and mosquitoes already know that there is no excuse for leaving animals behind, not even during the holidays. The popular singer and television host Renata Kon鋱 Minea agrees with this, this year's face of the campaign "Family to the seaside, and the dog to the street?!", with which Animal Friends Croatia has been sending a clear message about the importance of responsible care for dogs and cats. Minea posed with Ares and Piki, adorable black dogs from the City of Zagreb Shelter for photographer Sini鈴 U靖ulica for abandoned animals in Dumovac. With a strong message on the visuals: "Adoption is love - adopt, neuter and never leave!" she showed once again her big heart for animals.

Minea was glowing with joy while hanging out for a photo shoot with young Ares, who was abandoned by his human, although the Shelter states that he is "a sweetheart and as good as it gets", as well as the playful, cheerful and good-natured puppy Piki, who adores people and other dogs. "My heart melted with love as I petted them and enjoyed their company. It is incomprehensible to me that someone could abandon these beautiful souls. If you decide to have a dog or a cat, then you love them for the rest of your life, not just until the first trip to the sea", is emotional Minea, who herself has adopted dogs in her parents' home.

As a beloved face from the TV, loved by all generations, Minea is happy to get involved with animals. "We remember when in 2005 we asked her to visit the Center for occupational therapy and rehabilitation 'St. Vinko Paulski' because the residents wanted to meet her. She responded immediately and gave them appropriate Christmas gifts together with us. Minea has a big heart for both people and animals," the Friends of Animals state.

They add that in 2007, Minea supported their efforts to ban the breeding of animals for fur and to protest against fur. Then she stated: "I believe that fur is not a piece of clothing, and that animals are not toys. I have never worn fur, nor will I wear it, and those who cannot live without it, have an alternative - artificial fur. I have a dog and three cats and I have no desire to see them on my plate, my own or someone else's."

She emphasized the importance of adopting instead of buying: "Animals are not items to be bought, but beautiful beings full of love. Adopting a dog or a cat is a noble act of love by which we save a valuable life and create a lifelong friendship with a four-legged family member. I encourage everyone to contribute to reducing the number of animals in shelters by adopting and neutering the animals they care for responsibly."

According to a rough estimate, according to Animal Friends Croatia, more than 10,000 animals are abandoned in Croatia every year: "People abandon animals throughout the year, but abandonment escalates in the summer. Many dogs and cats enter a warm home during the Christmas holidays and then end their lives in a family before the holidays, abandoned and neglected. It often happens that, not yet neutered, they give birth to offspring that irresponsible and callous people reject just as much as adult dogs and cats."

Thanks to the initiative of Animal Friends Croatia, from this year animal abandonment has become a crime that can be reported to the police. Whoever abandons an animal could go to prison for up to one year, or up to two years if the abandonment caused the death of the animal or a large number of animals were abandoned.

Animal Friends Croatia would like to thank everyone who voluntarily contributed to the realization of the visual "Adoption is love - take in, neuter and never leave!": photographer Sini鈴 U靖ulica, the Shelter for abandoned animals of City of Zagreb in Dumovac, which cares for Ares and Piki, and the studio Omnibus.

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