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bio&bio is a long-time partner of Animal Friends Croatia and ZeGeVege festival, and year after year more and more present at ZeGeVege with their offer and representation. What does ZeGeVege mean to you as a festival specifically known for the vegan offer?

bio&bio stores build their foundation on education about the macrobiotic philosophy of living and the principles of diet primarily related to veganism. This education of our founders began 30 years ago when the notion of veganism was unknown, even declared unnecessary in our community.

In bio&bio stores, the principles are primarily based on products certified as eco-products with the complete ingredients obtained by adhering to the fair trade principle. bio&bio team consists of highly educated people on nutrition, dietary supplements and ecological farming criteria and who implement and accept these principles also in their personal choices.

ZeGeVege festival is the first more serious form of presentation of vegan products in the form of a fair, and through the dedication of Animal Friends during these ten years it's becoming the most important vegan event in the region. We are grateful for the opportunitly to be part of this great movement of change in lifestyle from it's start and we will remain a faithful exhibitor as long as people's awareness becomes sufficiently educated and as long as this form of education and spreading the information will be needeed.

Since this year is the jubilee, 10th ZeGeVege festival, have you prepared something special for festival visitors?

Among new products, which are often a matter of marketing imposition of necessities and green-washing, for us the most important basis of everyday balanced nutrition are the cereals, legumes, seeds, nuts and fruits.

Choosing this particular food will also be a priority this year because it is the basis and foundation of everyday nutrition and is of primary importance. In the bio&bio home brand we offer the best and most vital cereals, legumes, seeds and nuts which we will exhibit at the fair.

Due to the great interest we will host the local manufacturer of vegan ice cream from neighboring Slovenia. We pay great attention to all those interested in healthy diet based on vegan principles, so our most educated staff will be present in the bio&bio team at ZeGeVege because it is our primary wish is to educate and answer questions to people who may not have the opportunity to inform about veganism every day.

In addition, our goal is to spread the positive vibrations and to work for a happier and better Planet, and the primary step is choosing food for everyday nutrition, so we invite everyone to meet us and help us spread a positive change to the world.

bio&bio team

bio&bio at the ZeGeVege Festival 2016. [ 294.54 Kb ]bio&bio at the ZeGeVege Festival 2016. [ 319.55 Kb ]

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