Brochure: Implementation of the Animal Protection Act for local selfgovernment units

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Encouraged by day-to-day communication with cities and municipalities about the care of abandoned animals, the Animal Friends Croatia has designed and printed an educational brochure on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. The visually attractive, well-designed and clear brochure, with specific explanations of legal obligations and useful advice, aims to help cities and municipalities implement and enforce their legal obligations more efficiently. It was sent to all local and regional self-government units, and an online version is available to all interested parties HERE.

We want to help cities and municipalities cope with the challenges posed by the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. In the 35-page brochure, we have clearly and concisely listed all the ways in which cities and municipalities can prevent the abandonment of animals by implementing legal obligations, regulations they pass in their jurisdiction and education. We have shared our experience in encouraging the implementation of the Law and good examples from practice on how to prevent irresponsibility of citizens, which causes animals and the whole community to suffer.

May, 2020.

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