06/13/22 Everything is Ready for the Veggie Fair!

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Zagreb central square is immersed in vegan colors and scents

- Tuesday, 14 June 2022, 8 – 20 h, Jelačić Square in Zagreb: 11th all-day green oasis

Animal Friends Croatia has organized another Veggie Fair, a one-day preview of the 14th ZeGeVeggie Festival, to take place on Tuesday, the 14th of June. Thirty exhibitors, including representatives of large Croatian manufacturers and small family farms, will gather at the central square from 8 am until 8 pm, offering plant-based food and vegan versions of meat and dairy products, as well as cruelty-free cosmetics. The common goal is to show how tasty and ever more accessible, as well as crucial to our survival, vegan products are. The restaurant stalls will emanate irresistible smells and attract visitors to taste familiar dishes made vegan.

Along with an opportunity to experience numerous tastings, promotions and presentations of educational content, visitors will be able to see that, by dropping meat, milk, and eggs from their diet, they would not miss anything, but, on the contrary, they would reap benefits for themselves, as well as animals and the environment.

Also, on offer at the Veggie Fair will be thirty different kinds of plant-based cheeses and milk, along with vegan pâté, burgers, salami, sushi, sausages and sweets, as well as various exotic fruits, such as sprouts in apple cider vinegar. Veggie Fair is an accessible and fun way to educate the public on issues arising from exploiting nature and animals and on the necessity for a sustainable lifestyle that will allow the survival of animal and plant species, biodiversity, the balance of nature, a peaceful co-existence of all creatures on Earth, as well as disease prevention and control.

Visitors will be able to learn about the importance of vegan diet and products through educational boards and directly from Animal Friends Croatia volunteers. Representatives of one of the first farm animal shelters in Croatia, The Blue Cross, will describe how their protégés live – Hamster the goat, Vivika, Rozika and Duda the pigs, and Eva, Odin, Pickles, Janja, Greta, Sissy, Matilda, and Molly the sheep.

“Everything is ready for the 11th Veggie Fair! Come to the Zagreb central square and celebrate with us a compassionate and sustainable diet that can help us stop climate change. With a positive atmosphere, tasty food, laughter, and joy, let us change the world for the better! We promise to be the best hosts possible,” state Animal Friends Croatia.

The Association believe that spaces will be scarce under the restaurants’ parasols at the Veggie Fair, and interest will be kept high by the host, Sara Mešin, who will announce tastings and present practical information on low-carbon food and products.

The entire Veggie Fair is organized on a non-profit basis, and it will serve as a preview of the much larger ZeGeVeggie Festival to be held in September this year for the 14th time.
More information on Veggie Fair is available at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.
Veggie Fair photo gallery is available here.



VeggieFair 2022_ photo: Matej Čelar [ 288.41 Kb ]VeggieFair 2022_ photo: Matej Čelar [ 237.13 Kb ]VeggieFair 2022_ photo: Matej Čelar [ 258.23 Kb ]


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