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The word "sport" stands for competition and rivalry, and not for ambushing, killing or chasing innocent animals. In this context, the word hunting can rather be equated with the word massacre, and the very act of hunting is a barbaric and cruel way of ‘having fun’.

In Croatia alone, several species of animals, such as the bear, the wolf and the griffon have been driven to the brink of extinction, mainly because of hunters. While they should be protected, excessive hunting leads to the extermination of animals, and many breeding grounds are used by hunters for killing.

In other words, the animals are bred in farms only to later be released into the wild and immediately killed. In the Western world, there is an uprising of ecotourism and the act of "capturing" animals with cameras, not rifles. In this type of tourism, there are great potentials - new jobs, a large inflow of money from foreign and domestic tourists, but also an opportunity of getting to know, and reconnect with nature. Protecting the environment and approaching animals that will no longer have a purpose only in hanging from walls, or serve as trophies, but rather live their own lives freely is the only right way forward for our society. For this reason, Animal Friends welcomes and advocates for the promotion of ecotourism instead of barbaric and inhumane hunting of innocent animals.

Source: A.R.M.O.R.Y - Killed deer [ 56.99 Kb ]



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