05/24/06 Demand to Solve the Problem of Abandoned Dogs in the City of Sibenik

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The City of Sibenik
Att. Nedjeljka Klaric, the mayores
Trg Pavla Subica I. br.2
22000 Sibenik

May 24, 2006

Subject: Demand to solve the problem of abandoned dogs in the city of Sibenik

Dear Mrs. Klaric,

We are unpleasantly surprised by the information we received through the media about the unwillingness of the city of Sibenik to solve their problem of stray dogs.

According to what we heard from the media, the animal shelter, caring for about 50 dogs and led by The Society for Animal Protection Dalmatiner that is located on city property, has been sold without previous reconsideration of an alternative location for the shelter.

We are contacting you with the urge to take over responsibility and solve above mentioned problem as soon as possible, as this is a legal, as well as moral obligation of the city of Sibenik.

The problem of abandoned animals is not only the problem of so-called animal lovers and of the Society for Animal Protection Dalmatiner, but of all citizens. The animals end up loose on the streets because of the irresponsibility of citizens after which the city has to take care of them. According to the Animal Welfare Act and the Veterinary Practice Act, and even more to the ethical standards, the city should take care of the abandoned animals found in the streets of the city of Sibenik.

We demand that Sibenik urgently solves the problem of the placement of these 50 dogs from the shelter by building a new one in another location. The city should develop a detailed program for sheltering abandoned animals which should also include veterinarian care, castration, vaccination, micro chipping, as well as a program for finding new homes and of course reducing animal abandonment.

We hope that you will take this problem seriously and deal with it as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us, we are open for cooperation.

Best regards,

Luka Oman

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