Animal Experimentation

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"Vivisection is probably the best and longest established form of organised, officially acknowledged animal cruelty. Vivisection is symbolic of the way we treat animals. It has the support of the world's most profitable industries. I believe that when vivisection is banned other forms of animal cruelty will quickly disappear too. Vivisection is the most immoral, academically and intelectually dishonest form of animal abuse. Now that slavery and apartheid have been abolished I firmly believe that vivisection is the most evil and barbaric, unjust and unjustifiable practice on earth." Vernon Coleman, Fighting for Animals

"These experiments are not benefiting mankind, they are degrading mankind. Human progress does not lie in finding a cure for cancer by killing ten thousand animals; it lies in realizing that the cure for cancer is not worth the life of a single animal. Human progress, in other words, lies in moral, not in scientific or medical progress." Michael Byrom

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