07/26/06 A Snake Under the Dance Floor

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Animal Friends reports the night club "Boa" for abuse and jeopardizing a snake's life

Based on many citizen reports Animal Friends recently reported the newly opened club "Boa" (BOA-M, Dubasljanska ulica 76, 51511 Malinska, Croatia) for the inappropriate keeping and abuse of a snake (probably a boa constrictor) that is kept inside the glass dance podium. In this way the snake is exposed to constant noise, blinking lights and vibrations, and the accommodation itself is completely inadequate.

Citizens have also reported that the unfortunate snake had broken all the lights inside the "terrarium" from the shock due to loud music and jumping of the dancers.

Besides all this, the Environmental Protection Act was broken, an animal's life is endangered and it is kept inappropriately. This is an embarassment for Croatia and the Croatian legislative and inspections.

Therefore, Animal Friends requests an immediate veterinary and environmental inspection and environmental protection so that any further explotation and danger to the snake's life can be properly penalized.

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