A Public Commendation to Vodnjan

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Mayor's Office
Trgovacka 2
52215 Vodnjan

Dear Mr. Vitasovic,

Together with many conscientious Croatian citizens we gladly received your decision, and would herewith like to thank you in the name of Animals Friends and all those who want Croatia to remain a "dolphin-friendly country."

We thank you for making the decision not to build a dolphinarium in Vodnjan, whereby you showed that local authorities must and can care for nature and animal protection with its decisions.

This decision is especially important in regard of the anticipated complete legal ban of captivating dolphins in Croatia, which will hopefully be passed this very year - the year that the United Nations have proclaimed the Year of the Dolphin.

We firmly believe that we all want a Croatia that will soon proudly be able to call itself a dolphin-friendly country due to its free and protected dolphins in the Adriatic, as well as its prohibition of captivating dolphins, soon to be passed by the Nature Protection Directorate at the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the existing legislature.

We will forward your statement to our foreign partners along with the decision of the Ministry of Culture on considering the legal prohibition of captivating dolphins, in order that the standpoint of the Croatian authorities and Croatian citizens regarding the protection of sea mammals should be manifested as unambiguously as possible.

Animal Friends will continue to act with complete transparency in the future. Therefore, we are grateful to the mass media that have covered and will continue to cover the events related to this campaign, informing the Croatian and world public on this important issue.

With best regards,

Luka Oman
Animal Friends

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