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Golden Drops of Bare Truths

Ricky Gervais
"I'd rather you didn't fight a bull. But if you choose to torture an animal to death for fun, I hope it defends itself. Self-defence is no offence. Who wants to torture an animal to death for fun, and what morons go and watch it? People who go and see it and say it's traditional - well so was slavery. So was f**king burning witches at the stake. So was child sacrifice. We've moved on."

World Society For The Protection of Animals
"Baiting Bears. Pairs of dogs trained to fight viciously, are set against a tethered bear without claws and teeth - they've been cut off/pulled out! Dancing Bears. Infant bears captured/their noses broken/paws burned or declawed/all teeth pulled out. Hole drilled thru the palate and nose, and a rope inserted to lead or restrain the bears to force them to jig/dance: Never any anesthesia/never a danger to their abusers!!! They also train them on red hot coals!!!"

"An eminent Rabbi has ruled that Jewish religious law bars Jews from attending bullfights. 'There is no doubt that a bullfight completely contradicts our Holy Torah, the Jewish scriptures', a Tel Aviv newspaper quoted Rabbi Ovadya Yosek as saying in his September ruling. The Rabbi was further quoted as saying that one of the most severe restrictions in Jewish law is a ban on cruelty to animals. "The bull is starved and harassed before he enters the arena, and then people challenge him and stab him with weapons, so that he goes mad, jumps and butts,' he said."

Adela P.
"Bullfighting: In this miserable racket, the only honorable figure is the bull and him they mutilate by (to name only one of 100s of ignominious acts) sticking broken knitting needles into his genitals to make him appear ferocious when in fact he's filled with pain and terror! Finally, after longest hours of blood-shedding torture with different instruments and lastly with a sword and knife, he collapses, vomiting gushes of blood/down on his front knees before his murderers as if praying for mercy! Then he gets murdered slowly, amid happy/loud music/jubilous audience shouts for more blood! While still alive (as their brutal/ignoramus tradition rules) men audience enter the ring/smear their bodies with the bull's blood... to make them 'viril'! 'Hero' cuts off the bull's testicles/tail, while still alive, as trophies. Then... away from this 'glamour' the collapsed/but conscious bull is dragged by a truck to a backroom where IMMEDIATELY his horns are chopped off/his body quartered by an axman!!! They claim this flesh goes to the poor but... documentation from them shows they're sold at prohibitive prices."

Adela P.
"Horses in Bullfights: After a lifetime of commercial slavery, horses are used in the bullrings. Constantly trembling with fear/ blindfolded & ears plugged so they won't be alerted to the danger/vocal cords cut off so the public won't hear their cries. They manipulate the devastatingly tormented bull into goring the horse's side (padding hides his dragging entrails from the public). Then he's taken to the backroom quickly shoveling his entrails back into his abdomen (or fill it with straw) and quickly/crudely sew it down... for as long as the horse can be forced to stand up... time & time again until he collapses!"

Joselito "El Gallo" (who was killed by one of his bulls)
"Bullfighting is grotesque pantomime and passionate holocaust!"

Lucia Yelo (Association for the Defense of Animal Rights)
"Getting bulls drunk on cheap wine and pushing them off cliffs is another popular pastime in Spain in the name of saints!"

Adela P.
"Novilladas: Weeks old baby bulls thrown into the bullfighting arena/brutally tortured by children/adults. The longer the suffering/ cowering/crying of the baby bull the more happy/loud shouts/ thrills! Baby desperately seeks to escape but gets MORE chasing/ stabbing/cutting by up to 7, sometimes 10 or more, ARMED men and ARMED children. Audience encouraged into the ring to torture the baby in any way they please! After longest hours, baby emotionally/physically collapses bathed in his own blood. While still alive (as these barbarians' traditions have it) his ears/tail are cut off as trophies! Bullfighting schools for CHILDREN from 3 years old where they are made to practice with actual knives on live baby cows/other small animals! To recruit children they promise indigent parents money and fame!!!"

Adela P.
"Goya/Hemingway/Picasso... They are among those who cashed in on the misery of animals by glorifying/promoting bullfighting through their 'arts'!!!"

Quoted by Arianna Huffington
"Picasso: 'I'd rather see a woman die any day, than see her happy with someone else.'" [Woman hater/bullfighting lover: typical traits of a cruel/ignoramus/egotistical/sadist nature. A. Pisarevsky] (Picasso: Creator and Destroyer)

Adela P.
"Rodeo/Roping/Wrestling: These animals are caused to suffer severe injuries to: horns/trachea/larynx cartilage/muscle/skin abrasion/internal hemorrhage/more! RODEO: Bull/horse with a leather belt strongly tightened around his genitals and even more strongly pulled tighter again as the animal comes out to the arena. He bucks in a vain attempt to eliminate his pain! They make him appear 'wild' to the public! CALF ROPING: Tormented baby runs in panic from the persecuting horseman, in full speed (30 miles/ hour) just when he's roped around the neck and horns/jerked off his feet/slammed to the ground with the mightiest force! STEER WRESTLING: Man leaps from horse to steer and wrestles the animal to the ground by violently twisting & breaking his neck! TEAM ROPING: One man ropes the baby bull's head or horns, the other his hind legs, violently pulling him in 2 opposite directions! INSIDE: tail twisting/ pulling/ kicking/spurring/electric prodding/ slapping/jabbing/ other, to work the animals into a frenzy, are routinely used to cause great pain to insure they bolt out of the chute as 'savages'!!! They are used over and over again in performance, practice, and travel in cramped and filthy vehicles for extended periods of times!"

Revd. F. C. Baker (1889-1961)
"To derive pleasure in being cruel is a very debasing matter. It shows a person to be unmindful of the sanctity of life and the meaning of life. There is something very foul and evil in the lives of men and women who delight in destroying helpless life, especially in what is known as 'blood sports.'"

"For commercial and entertainment TV 'Time is money' so animals are made to perform on cue. At first glance they seem amusing... but animals have been subjected for that to demeaning acts where stress, negative conditioning, suffering is their existence!"

The New Mexican, The New York Times, Newspapers
"New Mexico Zia and Acoma pueblos practice a horrific 'tradition': 'EL GALLO' (LIVE ROOSTER PULL). Innocent/ healthy roosters are buried alive up to their necks or hung from poles. Several horsemen galloping at high speed grab them to be whipped, whirled, whacked and dismembered until they die. This, in honor of St. John the Baptist!!!"

Act'ionLine Magazine (Friends of Animals)
"'Charreadas' (Charro Rodeo/Horse Tripping/ Felling), a Mexican 'tradition' now in USA, brutally sacrifices horses! A young mare made to run for her life is fiercely yanked by her rear ankles, she's flipped, lands in full body force on the ground and slides along the dirt leaving her skin in its wake. The crowd explodes into raves/ Mexican music blares. She was rented from a slaughterhouse for the weekend and will be used over and over again in this brutal body-beating until she can't run anymore rendered dumb from brain injuries! They get no water or food and undermining limbs at full gallop result in suffering fatal injuries! Among the horrors videotaped by Christine Lund, of California Eye Witness News at Four, is a 'charro' kicking a beaten horse unable to rise, while other charros look on amused as the heavy boot hit her face several times with a fearsome jerk as she lay there. California Hard Copy describes some of the injuries: 'Walking on 3 legs, skin peeled off their legs in big 4x4 patches, and off their faces/backs/hips/ shoulders/hanging tears/ eyes red swollen from impact wounds to their faces. All had rope burns on their legs.' Horse owners conned into this hell by giving away their horses to a 'good home', 'charity' or 'retirement in the green fields of Colorado.'"

John Bryant
"I submit that when the whole morale of a nation can depend on the success (or lack of it) of its national team in some game; when thousands jeer at the agony of an injured rival team member; when dogs are awarded points for the manner in which they attack hares; when wild deer are driven into the sea by hounds and left to drown; when tourists applaud the torture and deaths of bulls; and when horses are ridden and jumped to their death in the cause of human pleasure - then we are indeed approaching the depths of depravity exhibited during the fall of the Roman empire!" (Fettered Kingdoms)

Roger Caras Magazine of the Humane Society of the U.S.
"On the claim that rodeo is Americana: So was slavery/ cannibalism in the Donner Pass/Bad Day at Black Rock/ prohibition/slaughter of the American Indian/slaughter of the bison and the whale/lynching Blacks/Ku Klux Klan/Father Coughlin/Joe McCarthy/Vigilantes... all Americana! Is that enough excuse for a cultural artifact to persist? It is wrong to cause pain/fear and to allow them to exist is no less an offence than causing them. I'll argue this in heaven and hell. I'm more sure of that than I am of my private view of God and religion. I believe that credo is a valid view of my responsibility on earth."

Project Equus
"Horses. From the carriage horses who toil mercilessly on hot or freezing, crowded city streets, to the pathetic captives of Premarin farms, from the show horses who are brutalized for prizes and profit, to the wild horses who are rapidly becoming an endangered species from excessive roundups, horses all across America are being horribly used and exploited by the ignorant and the greedy, to finally land...on the slaughterhouse!!!"

"In India, Gypsies steal threatened Himalayan sloth bears from the wild turning them into hideous displays of torture. A spike white-hot in flame, is driven into the flesh under the captured bear's muzzle and out the nostril. The bear's intense pain forces him to obey the owner who yanks hard on the rough cord that is threaded through the fresh wound. To make the animal 'perform' for an audience, he's further tortured by shoving him onto fire-heated metal plates and, to escape the pain, he lifts its feet in a pathetic 'dance.'" (Quoted in CONTACT Magazine)

Humane Farming Association
"Cockfighting is a most cruel blood 'sport'. Birds are released into a pit and forced to slash, maim, and ultimately kill each other. Their flesh spurs are sawed off and replaced with razor-sharp steel blades up to 3" long! They are shot up with amphetamines and other drugs to make them more aggressive! The 'winners' of these vicious fights end up so mutilated that they die during the fight or shortly afterwards from their injuries! Birds deemed unfit to fight AGAIN, are killed but most often just tossed in a garbage can to suffer and die! While cockfighting is illegal in all but a handful of states, gamecock breeding thrives in many areas across the country. This is a wrong that must be corrected."

"Bear baiting, a most horrific blood 'sport' in Pakistan, pits attack dogs against toothless/declawed bears tied to a post." (Quoted in CONTACT Magazine)

GOLDEN DROPS OF BARE TRUTHS collected by Adela Pisarevsky

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