09/18/09 ZeGeVege Festival

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After the first more than successful festival of sustainable living, Animal Friends invites the public to the second ZeGeVege Festival

Also this year Animal Friends organizes the ZeGeVege Festival of sustainable living. The goal of this festival is to promote the simplicity of life through a sustainable, ecological and healthy way which, by using natural resources for the fulfillment of human needs won't damage the environment, or jeopardize lives of other animals and the welfare of humans.

The ZeGeVege Festival is organized as part of the European Mobility Week marked by the City of Zagreb, which takes place from September 16-22 in more than 2,000 European towns. The theme of this year's European Mobility Week is "Improving City Climates."

The ZeGeVege Festival will take place on Friday, September 18, 2009, on Zagreb's Ban Jelacic Square from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. At the festival will participate 40 exhibitors which with their ethical and ecological criterion try to improve the harmonious coexistence of all living beings. Their offer will present health food producers, eco-agriculturers, companies that produce cruelty-free cosmetics and cleansers, producers of ecological packaging, vehicles and alternative energy sources, as well as associations that promote a sustainable lifestyle.

The visitors of the festival will enjoy various tastings and book promotions. Many female visitors will be delighted with the free make-up and advices they will get from the visagiste.

There will be a program on the central stage throughout the whole day with singers, dancers, magicians, graffitti-writers, and jugglers and the presentation of exhibitors. The MP Mirely Holy will have a speech about the connection between the diet and climate changes. Some of the popular names which will perform are Luka Nizetic, Meri Jaman and Anita Valo (Meritas) with Jelena Radan, Ivana Radovnikovic, Lea Dekleva and the bands Voodoo lizards, Fini sapuni, Dzeneration 81. During the evening program hosted by Tamara Loos and Zlata Mück the fire jugglers from the art group Artistika will entertain the public, while the home theater Skripzikl will perform during the day. Many dance groups of exotic dances will perform as well.

The restaurant will offer meatless dishes at promotional prices (10-18 kuna). Healthy and tasty dishes like veggie goulash, seitan pasticada, the cakes, pies and veggie burgers will be served in fully biodegradable corn-based disposable dishes. With the meal, the visitors of the restaurant will get soya milk or macchiato coffee with soya milk. Each visitor of the Festival will get health food recipes and many other information about the sustainable living in the ZeGeVege guide printed on recycled paper.

The restaurant visitors will enter a competition round with valuable prizes. The first prize is a weekend for two at the vegetarian boardinghouse in Liznjan which is the first in Croatia with the V-Label. The special prize is a vegan lunch for two on a sailing boat along with a day on the beach on the island of Krk. Other prizes are valuable gift packages of vegan food products, books, cosmetics etc.

For children there will be set a kid's corner with an all-day program. There kids have a chance to draw or play with the plasticine, while learning through this process about the importance of sustainable living. In the afternoon hours they will be visited by Vrecko (Baggie), the bag monster which through the entertaining story educates about the biological harms of plastic bags. The illusionist Jozo Bozo who is against the exploitation of animals for entertainment will also visit the children, and the children's choir Kikici will sing. Besides this a workshop of ecological toys can be joined in and a puppet show will take place fore the young ones. Part of the profit will go to the SMA.T organization – an organization of parents with children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy and tracheotomy.

Besides the entertainment and delicacies on the Festival, for those who want to learn more about the climate changes there will be an eco-exhibition and the whole day will be projections of the documentary about global warming "Meat the Truth." A recycling yard will be set up in order to appeal to the people to seperate their waste and care about the environment. An electrical bicycle and electrical scooter will be also set on display, while all stalls will be lighted with low energy light bulbs.

The ZeGeVege Festival is under the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of agriculture, fishery and rural management.

The graphic design of the festival was sponsored by Zale. Other sponsors are Alpro, Arto, bio&bio, Bistra, Cherry Blossom, Cro-A-Porter, Encian, Europlakat, Kerschoffset, Iskon, Labud, Libertis, Lush, Macrocruise, MBM, Meridian, Omegol, Philips, PIO, Vectordesign, Vegehop, Zale. The exhibitors are Advent, Algoritam, Annapurna, Avon, Biomedis, Biovizija, Dvostruka duga, Eco-Positiva, Eko proizvod, Eko igracke, Eco-natura, Encian, Ganesa, Gea, Glas zivotinja, Greenergo, Klub mladih tehnicara Dubrava, Labud, Lush, Mala performerska scena, Melvita, Omegol, OPG Oreskovic Lavanda, OPG Vladimir Sinko, OPG Marijan Radanec, OPG Violeta Lovrec, OPG Vlado Posel, Oriflame, Pomozimo hrtovima, Repro eko, Roda, Sklonište za napustene zivotinje Dumovec, Sloboda za zivotinje, Tomar, Uriho, Utociste Ianua, Zdruzenje za razvoj miroljubnega kmetijstva, Zmajevna, Zrno.

More information about the ZeGeVege Festival at www.zegevege.com.

For the photo gallery from the ZeGeVege Festival please click here.

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