10/01/09 Veggie Challenge

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On World Vegetarian Day Animal Friends and lush mark the Veggie Challenge

On the occasion of the ZeGeVege Festival on September 18, Lush and Animal Friends started the Veggie Challenge and invited their fellow townsmen to go vegetarian or vegan until World Vegetarian Day on October 1.

Those who responded to the Veggie Challenge are from all over Croatia, actually from 25 towns: Crikvenica, Cakovac, Donja Zelina, Dubrovnik, Gracac, Icici, Koprivnica, Lipovljani, Opatija, Osijek, Porec, Pula, Rijeka, Sesvets, Sisak, Slavonski Brod, Split, Tuhelj, Varazdin, Veliko Trgovisce, Viskovo, Zabok, Zadar, Zagreb, and Zapresic.

For the majority of registered individuals World Vegetarian Day will not be the end of the challenge but rather the decision day of a permanent switch of their eating habits to a ethically, ecologically and more healthier life commitment. With such decision, the challenge continues throughout their life and offers gourment revelations and new realizations about the veg(etari)an diet.

Those who will not opt to change the Veggie Challenge with the vegetarian lifestyle will have useful experience that will help them in the future to switch easier to the meatless diet which is already being practised by more than 150,000 Croatian citizens.

In order to share the celebration of World Vegetarian Day and the successful Veggie Challenge with everyone interested, Animal Friends in collaboration with Lush organizes its info stall on Thursday October 1 where at 12 noon the vegan tasting with aromatic surprises will be prepared. Iva Sulentic, Petra Nizetic, Ana Stunic and Ivana Radovnikovic together with other participants of the Veggie Challenge will join this celebration.

The goal of the Veggie Challenge is to demistify the veg(etari)an diet, popularize ecological, health and ethical values of the veg(etari)an lifestyle and to show to the public that tasty and healthy food, as well as the quality cosmetics, do not have to be of animal origin.

This event is part of the programm of the Animal Friends Days which will happen from October 1-4.

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