01/28/10 Tales from the Plate

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- A series of fascinating lectures on ecology and nutrition

The lecture series "Tales from the Plate" includes five lectures and will take place at the Cultural Information Centre Zagreb, Preradoviceva 5, every third Thursday of the month starting from January, at 7:00 P.M.

"Tales from the Plate" will be told by social worker Vedran Romac, whose way of presenting the topic, accompanied by PPT presentations, will certainly engage the audience and leave a great impression on them.

The lectures are suitable for everyone, regardless of one's interest for the issues related to animal rights and ecology, since they offer life-important information as to animal welfare, bioethics, ecology and sustainable living, which everyone should be acquainted with.

"Tales from the Plate" are intended as an incentive for reflection and discussion about the presented topic. The entry is free and the lectures will take place on the following days:

January 28: "Global Destruction by Fork"

February 25: "Tales from Your Own Faeces"

March 25: "Wings that Will Never Spread"

April 29: "The Tale of a Happy Cow and a Carefree Calf"

May 27: "Can We Do Better? Or Rather, Do We Want to Do Better?"

The lecture series "Tales from the Plate" has been sponsored and co-organized by the Cultural Information Centre, the City of Zagreb, and the National Foundation for the Civil Society Development.

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