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InterNICHE is an open and diverse network comprising students, teachers and animal campaigners. The network focuses on animal use and alternatives within biological science, medical and veterinary medical education.

The vision of Interniche is one fully humane education system – an education where the rights of animals and students are fully respected, and where learning and the development of science is firmly grounded in ethical practice.

Amongst many national and international projects, InterNICHE has produced an award-winning video on alternatives, where teachers from a variety of disciplines demonstrate the alternatives that they use in their courses. This is now available in nearly 20 languages.

Book From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse which fully describes over 500 products was designed for progressive life science education. It also addresses teaching objectives in detail and assesses different pedagogical approaches.

The network also offers an Alternatives Loan System (, a library of products available for free loan anywhere in the world, as well as literature, support and advice. InterNICHE offers practical support to teachers to help replace harmful animal use and complement existing alternative methods and empower students to defend their freedom of conscience and to demand a progressive, humane education system of the highest quality.

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