05/29/10 Cream and Cheese, without Cow's Milk

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Animal Friends and the organization Victories invite the public to a vegan tasting

Animal Friends organizes a vegetarian tasting to encourage citizens to abandon the eating of animals and to enjoy the richness and variety of the vegan diet where one does not miss foods such as cheese and cream.

The informational stalls of Animal Friends and Victories will be located on Trg slobode in Osijek on Saturday May 29, 2010 at 10 A.M., while the vegan tasting of plant derived cheese, cream and milk will begin at 12 noon.

Besides the tasting, everyone interested can sign current petitions on the stalls, browse through various books of animal rights themes and get free videos and printed info material on animal rights and vegetarianism. Our members will be happy to give out any information about the advantages of a plant based diet and hand out recipes for meatless meals.

According to surveys, there are over 150,000 vegetarians in Croatia whose vitality is best evidence that the meatless diet is the diet of the future which is accepted by an ever growing number of people who are aware of the ethical, ecological and health advantages of plant based food.

Scientists warn about the connection between the meat industry and global warming, so in a report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that cattle breeding generates over 18% of greenhouse gases which is more than the emission of gases generated by traffic. Therefore the most important step we can make towards decreasing the global warming effect is to stop eating meat, eggs and dairy products.

Reasons for switching to a meatless diet are numerous. Thus such a diet directly and significantly effects human health, exploitation of natural resources and pollution. Animal Friends wants to encourage citizens to think of the billions of unnecessarily tortured and slaughtered animals and to turn to a more ethical diet.

Mora info available at www.vegan.hr, hence for now only in Croatian language.

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