04/25/23 Almost 165,000 Signatures Against Botox Testing on Animals

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Animal Friends Croatia and ECEAE demand abolishing monstrous tests for wrinkle removal

- A meeting held in Amsterdam with the European Medicines Agency

Association Animal Friends Croatia, a member of European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), has joined the organizations for animal rights throughout Europe with collecting signatures against Botox testing on mice, especially due to use of infamous test LD50. At the meeting last week in Amsterdam, ECEAE representatives submitted 164,770 signatures to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Even though the competent European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) rejected to accept the petition in the past, at the meeting, the EMA representatives promised to address this question nevertheless.

„We have accepted the EMA invitation to eliminate the test LD50 on mice being performed for face wrinkle removal. It is unacceptable that sentient animals continue to be exposed to a painful death because of a product widely used for cosmetic purposes, even though there are available methods not being used on animals for already 12 years”, Animal Friends Croatia point out.

They explain that every single series of Botox is tested in an infamous and extremely painful test of toxicity LD50, which is banned in many states and considered unscientific by scientists themselves. Mice are injected with various doses of Botox into the abdominal cavity in order to determine which dose is lethal for half of the animals undergoing the tests. Animals are exposed to horrific pain, endure progressive paralysis, stumble and sway from one side to the other until they stop walking. The toxin causes the respiratory system paralysis so unfortunate animals, after several days of suffering, suffocate. It is estimated that in Europe, yearly, approximately 400,000 mice are subject to this torture and terrible death.

As members of the ECEAE-a, Animal Friends Croatia seek that the test LD50 be deleted from the European pharmacopoeia, which demands its enforcement, even though methods not conducted on animals are also allowed. Since 2011 until today, three main producers, Allergan, Merz and Ipsen, have started Botox testing on cells replacing most of its tests on animals. However, some tests of these companies are still conducted on animals.

Animal Friends Croatia calls for the non-use of Botox until animal testing is discontinued, and also in general, purchasing of products that are more effective and even more so, ethical, as they are vegan and not tested on animals.

The petition against Botox testing on animals continues to be signed HERE, and at the same time also available here is video on Botox testing and more information on reasons why animal testing is damaging for people and for animals.

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