06/17/11 I Love Animals

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dm and Luka Nizetic continue the "I Love Animals" campaign for Ianua Animal Sanctuary

Campaign "I Love Animals," the goal of which is to provide abused animals with a permanent home by raising funds to secure quality functioning, activities and state registration of the Ianua Animal Sanctuary, continues.

After successfully participating in the campaign "For Croatia without Fur," Luka Nizetic has decided to take part in another campaign for animals. This time it is in cooperation with dm with his new single.

"I Love Animals" campaign will be presented by dm and Luka Nizetic on Friday, June 17, 2011, at 6 P.M. at City Center One. On the mission of caring for animals, dm and Luka will be joined by some of the celebrities who have taken part in the campaign so far. At the presentation, with Luka, speakers will be Marinka Akrap, procurator for dm, Luka Oman, president of Animal Friends and Antonija Krmpotic, the director of Ianua Animal Sanctuary.

Activities in which citizens can join to raise donations for the Ianua Sanctuary, as well as a competition in which Facebook fans of dm can win one year's supply of food for their companion animals will be announced.

All visitors of City Center One will have a unique opportunity to have their picture taken with the star of Luka's new music video "When the Orchestra Plays," rooster Cmi, who is one of the proteges of Ianua Animal Sanctuary.

Luka Nizetic - When Orchestra Plays [ 172.58 Kb ]Luka Nizetic in the campaign "I Love Animals" 1 [ 178.52 Kb ]Luka Nizetic in the campaign "I Love Animals" 2 [ 175.67 Kb ]Luka Nizetic in the campaign "I Love Animals" 3 [ 166.72 Kb ]Luka Nizetic in the campaign "I Love Animals" 4 [ 177.53 Kb ]

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