08/09/11 Slaughter of Indigenous Protected Turopolje Pigs

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Animal Friends wishes to prevent violation of the Penal Code and the slaughter of indigenous protected Turopolje pigs

- 25 pigs will be sent to the slaughter on August 10; piglets face starvation and death

Veterinary inspector Aneta Karakas from Velika Gorica has ordered that 25 sows of the indigenous protected Turopolje breed, in the ownership of The Noble Borough of Turopolje, which are located in the gater Turopoljski lug, be sent to slaughterhouse "Butcher shop Kurilovcan" (N. Kramarica 32, Velika Mlaka).

Although the office of the Turopolje County Prefect has notified all those authoritative in the Ministry, Croatian Government and the City of Velika Gorica about this inhumane order, based on insufficiently elaborated explanations, pigs will be slaughtered on August 11, 2011, under the pretext of containing pigs' brucellosis.

Inspector Karakas's order to kill the pigs is very vague because there is no evidence that the sows were sick. Brucellosis is a disease of the reproductive organs, and sows with piglets should not, according to that, be sick. Although antibodies were found in the pigs, which means that the pigs were in contact with the cause of the disease, the disease itself was not proven. Based on only one analysis, although the practive in this cases is to conduct more than one analysis, inspector Karakas has made a cruel and strict decision to kill the animals. With a brief bureacratic regulation she has decided on the horrible death of the last 25 out of remaining 26 sows in that area and their children.

The very act of taking the sows away from the piglets, whose life depends on their mothers, is inhumane, unreasonable, cruel and subject to sanctions under Article 260 of the Penal Code, which states that it is forbidden to abuse an animal or subject it to unneccesary suffering or pain. Most of these sows have piglets, who will be condemned to suffering and an excruciating death by starvation.

For all these reasons, Animal Friends has demanded a police intervention, to prevent violations of Article 260 of the Penal Code, as well as that charges be raised by Attorney General's Office.

You can get more information from Turopolje Deputy Prefect Stjepan Cuncic, who will be present at the shameful act of taking the pigs to the slaughterhouse.

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