11/09/12 Animal Friends Needs Your Help!

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Animal Friends has worked successfully for 11 years and has had many projects and campaigns. The financial situation of Animal Friends has never been the best despite great public support and the continuing work of active members, but at the moment it is critical and Animal Friends needs help in order to continue their work for the wellbeing of animals and the community.

Animal Friends is now in a situation where it is forced to postpone planned actions due to a lack of funds, because it cannot cover even the most basic expenses for normal operation and needs help more than ever.

Since it still has not received a convenient office space to use from either the City or the state and has to pay the cost of a rented office and all accompanying expenses on its own which is a great burden. It is possible that next month there will not be enough funds to cover the cost of a rented office, which is necessary for the development of projects, campaigns and work for animals and sustainable living in general. Some projects and actions have already been cancelled and it directly affects the animals who need help.

Animal Friends cannot cover its expenses with membership fees and donations because only a few members pay their annual membership fees, and there are very few donations.

Every action, every campaign, as well as printing educational materials, and any activity of the Association, is currently at risk. Everything Animal Friends does, despite efforts to use funds carefully, costs money and requires financial expenses.

Animal Friends kind asks all citizens to help in these hard times by paying membership fees for the current calendar year 2012 (which is 50 kuna a year, which is roughly 4 kuna a month), as well as donating according to your possibilities. Every Kuna is valuable.

Payments can be made to IBAN: HR2023600001101531137.

Only with the support of conscientious citizens Animal Friends can continue to work and lobby for animals.

Animal Friends thanks in advance for understanding and any help.

"Compassion is an action word with no boundaries." - Prince

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