12/27/13 Best New Year's Resolution!

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Animal Friends calls to a concrete step towards a more peaceful world

- New Year's resolution which saves lives and the planet; A list of good reasons

Christmas has passed, and with it the lives of millions innocent living creatures are over, whose tortured bodies on our holiday tables marked the day when we celebrate life and call to love and sympathy. With an abundance of choice and without a shred of necessity, we chose death instead of respecting life, expecting that rivers of spilled blood will convey our messages of goodness and compassion.

And while we can rightly ask how it is possible to celebrate a day of peace and joy with incarceration, suffering and slaughter, a new year is coming, and with it the moment for New Year's resolutions.

Let's think about living creatures who feel pain just like we do, who are aware of their own life and should share the planet with us. Wouldn't it be wonderful to give back to the non-human animals their freedom and the right to live? Imagine that instead of ending a life, we could save one or more lives every day.

We can also think of the environment, which is irreversibly devastated by our choice of diet, we can think of the money we are wasting by mercilessly spending natural resources, the hungry children who are dying because of our choice of diet or our own health which we are destroying by eating wrong, which will lead us back to veganism.

So let's make a New Year's resolution to switch to veganism, or at least vegetarianism, or at least... let that be a resolution which will mean a substantial step towards creating a better, fairer and more peaceful world in which we all live together.

Let's look for information they don't want us to see or that we ourselves do not want to accept as obvious facts. Let's gather the strength to resist our habits, conformism and justifications, and let's move from words to actions.

A new year can be a beginning of a new life, for us as well as everyone around us. Let the New Year's resolution be a resolution of life.

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