02/25/14 Soon Start of the Campaign Against Animal Abuse

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New campaign announcement for Dumovec shelter in collaboration with Animal Friends

- Photoshoot for the campaign against animal abuse done with Mirko Filipovic and other fighters

The Zagreb City Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec worked in collaboration with Animal Friends to design a campaign against animal abuse called "Choose Your Battles." The campaign starts at the beginning of March when the most famous Croatian fighters will show up on billboards throughout Croatia together with rescued dogs.

Mirko Filipovic gladly joined this humanitarian campaign, and many still remember his recent Internet campaign when he searched for new homes for abandoned dogs.

Mirko says, "It is not said in vain that dogs are man's best friends. They will never disappoint you, they cannot pretend, when the owner comes home they are happy. Abandoned dogs break my heart, I would love to foster all of them."

Kickboxers Mladen Brestovac, Igor Jurkovic and Mladen Kujundzic also joined Cro-Cop Filipovic and the campaign. They posed with dogs rescued from abuse who found their temporary home at the Dumovec shelter.

The Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Dumovec and Animal Friends have been dedicated to protecting animals and educating people about how to help animals that suffer daily through various types of abuse – from abandonment and negligence to injuries and killings.

By educating citizens about the procedure for reporting abusers and the legal protections for abused animals, awareness has been increased in addition to the number of reported abuse cases and changes to legal provisions and convictions of abusers.

The Zagreb City Shelter for Abandoned Animals took in over 600 dogs during 2013, and they all ended up in the shelter due to poor living conditions. They were abandoned by their caretakers and left alone in the street; raised for dog fighting; chained up; held without food, water, and shelter from bad weather; or held without the chance to socialize with people and other animals. Many of these dogs never had a chance to learn to live in a community with people and other animals and they often need re-socializing training.

Dogs that took part in the photo shoot for the campaign "Choose Your Battles" enjoyed the fighters' attention. Thanks to this campaign, the chances for someone to recognize them as a new family member increase.

The campaign organizers believe that the strong message against abuse will reach many citizens.

There was a lively atmosphere during the shooting and the beginning of the campaign is expected soon with impressive visuals for ads, interesting video clips and interviews, and a special web page with instructions on how to join the campaign.

The campaign will be realized with the help from the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry.

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