05/19/14 Help for Animals in Flooded Areas

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National Protection and Rescue Directorate
Nehajska 5
10000 Zagreb

Subject: Help for animals in flooded areas

We are writing to you on behalf of Animal Friends, Association Victories, other associations and our numerous members and volunteers with whom we are in contanct and who are willing to help.

On the field at Gunja we have information that there are animals that need help and they can be helped because Mountain Rescue Service and others involved in the rescue in the affected area are willing help, but they are not allowed to visit homes and save animals left by their guardians in attics and other similar places.

We ask you to appeal to all competent to permit the services involved in the rescue to go to rescue animals that need help and should be helped.

We also have volunteers who are willing to get out there and get involved in rescuing animals that remained in the flooded areas, bring the necessary food, blankets, medicines and everything else needed.

The problem that we encountered was the lack of information from the field by the competent services that can tell us where it is possible to move in, leave food and supplies and physically help with the rescue and taking care of animals.

Please let us know so that we can coordinate well with you and provide the necessary logistical help. We would also ask you that your services as soon as possible embark on animal rescue.

You can get in touch with us at prijatelji-zivotinja@inet.hr or ++385915067905.

With best regards,

Luka Oman

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