02/28/15 Adopting Is Cool: Spaying and Neutering Save Lives

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An appeal to citizens for animal adoption and the importance of spaying on the World Spay Day

- Simultaneous action in Zagreb and Virovitica: informing the public on spaying/neutering in order to stop animal suffering

The Shelter for abandoned animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec and the Zagreb City Office of Agriculture and Forestry, in cooperation with the organization 'Laki' from Virovitica, Animal shelter Virovitica, City of Virovitica and the organization Animal Friends, are organizing an action for promoting adoption and spaying/neutering of abandoned and adopted animals, entitled 'Adopting is cool'. The action will be held on Saturday, February 28, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, and from 10 a.m. until noon on the King Tomislav Square (under the clock) in Virovitica, where the mayor of Virovitica, Ivica Kirin, will personally take part in the action.

The action is taking place on the World Spay Day, celebrated on February 28, with the goal of drawing attention to spaying/neutering as an effective way of saving animal lives. The visitors will receive educational brochures, and on the information stalls they will be able to sign the petition for the prohibition of killing animals in animal shelters. The visitors will receive useful information on responsible behavior towards animal companions and the care for their needs, as well as the information on the activities of the shelter and the possibility of participating and helping through volunteering. At 11 a.m. the anchorman and comedian Mario Petrekovic, who is appealing to the public for the responsible guardianship, will join the action.

In the City of Zagreb, this action, as well as spaying/neutering programs, are being organized for a number of years, and the City of Virovitica is one of the few Croatian cities which have a 'no kill' shelter, a shelter where animals are not being killed after 60 days of staying there. The Animal shelter Virovitica adds that, despite the superhuman effort they invest each day into the welfare of its occupants, this shelter could not endure without the support of the citizens of Virovitica, its organizations and city officials.

The goal of the action 'Adopting is cool' is to encourage the citizens to responsible behavior towards animal companions, but also to remind of the need for adopting abandoned animals and their offspring. Also, anyone looking for information on the necessary procedure of spaying/neutering is welcome.

Spaying/neutering is an effective and humane way of saving a great number of lives, but it is also a common and simple veterinary procedure aimed at preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. The abandoned dogs and cats are often abused, poisoned and killed, and they could also get killed by weather conditions, hunger, disease and traffic. Many animal companions are needlessly dying because of the unregulated overpopulation, and the real solution is spaying/neutering of the animals.

It prevents the unregulated reproduction which inevitably leads to suffering and cruel deaths of animals. If we take into account that a single cat and its offspring can give birth to 420 000 kittens in the period of seven years, and that a single bitch and its offspring can give birth to 67 000 puppies in the same period, it is absolutely necessary to enforce the control of reproduction of animal companions and stray animals, as prescribed by the law.

We invite everyone to adopt animals instead of buying them and to spay/neuter the animals under their care.

Spaying & Neutering: A Solution for Suffering

Dogs who are waiting for adoption in Dumovec shelter:

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