07/15/15 Create the Law for Animals, Not Against Them

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The Ministry of Agriculture is working on amendments to the Animal Protection Law

- Animal Friends request the improvement of animal protection, the advancement of the Act and provide concrete proposals

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently amending the Animal Protection Act, but the intention of the Minister Jakovina to withdraw the existing ban on fur farming - allowing breeding chinchillas for their fur, already suggests that the amendments could bring more harm to the animals than increase the level of their protection in Croatia.

Animal Friends Croatia this time also sent the specific proposals to the Ministry for improving the amendments to the Animal Protection Act. Among the proposals it is necessary to emphasize:

Animal Friends Croatia reiterated their earlier reasoned proposals that the amendments to the Animal Protection Act, among others, shall include:

Some of listed proposals would correct the apparent irregularities and remove the absurdities of the existing Act, and some would directly help reduce the abuse and suffering of animals.

Any amendment to the Act, including this one, primarily ''protects'' the animals within frameworks that do not threaten the economic and political gains of individuals and interest groups, which is wrong. Citizens want that the Law improves with each new amendment, therefore, the Animal Friends Organization invites all to write themselves to the Ministry of Agriculture, seeking advanced Animal Protection Act, hoping that the Ministry will take into account as many progressive proposals as possible to increase the protection of animals, as well as abort its downgrade.

Explanation of proposed amendments to the Animal Protection Act can be found on www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

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