Animal Abuse and Animal Killing

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Killing and torture of animals

Any instance of directly jeopardizing the health and life of an animal and gross animal abuse should be reported to the police immediately.

They will take action to prevent further animal cruelty, and bring criminal charges if the animal has been tortured and/or killed.

Criminal charges for animal cruelty and/or killing of an animal should also be filed in writing by the witness of animal cruelty or any person with pertinent information to the Municipal State's Attorney's Office for the violation of Article 205 of the Criminal Code:

Article 205

(1) Whoever needlessly kills or cruelly abuses an animal, causes it unnecessary pain or exposes it to unnecessary suffering shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding one year.

(2) Whoever commits the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article so as to procure a pecuniary gain shall be punished by a fine or by imprisonment not exceeding two years.

(3) Whoever by negligence withholds food or water or otherwise exposes an animal to a difficult condition over a longer period of time shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding six months.

(4) The animal from this Article shall be seized.

Animal abuse and neglect

Animal abuse and neglect should be reported to a veterinary inspection in charge.

The charges should be filed in writing, including as much detail pertaining to the violation of the Animal Protection Act and as much evidence as possible to substantiate the charges in court (photos or video recordings, witness statements, autopsy report, veterinary documentation).

The report should include all information on the informant, offender or the owner of the animal, and witnesses who can confirm your claims. Keep in mind that anonymous reports are generally not taken into consideration. If you wish to remain anonymous out of concern for your own safety, emphasize that you do not wish your identity revealed to the person you are reporting in a signed report to the relevant institution. This will enable the inspection to contact you as a witness, but will not disclose your personal information to the alleged offender.

A list of veterinary inspections by cities and counties can be found here. You can send a report to the veterinary inspection via e-mail at

You can find report samples here.

Cruelty in a public space

If you witness animal cruelty in a public space, call the police immediately.

Article 30 of the Act on Offenses against Public Order and Peace (NN 5/90, 30/90, 47/90 and 29/94) prohibits the torturing and killing of animals in a public space:

Article 30

Whoever leaves unsupervised or irresponsibly keeps animals that could injure or threaten the citizens, or whoever abuses or otherwise mistreats animals in a public space shall be punished by a fine.

Keeping dogs on a chain and other bad conditions

In case of neglect of the animal (diet, inappropriate accommodation, constant keeping on a chain and chain cut into the neck, visibly sick animal, a suspicion that the animal has not been microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, abandonment of the animal, neglect of offspring, etc.) you should contact communal police (komunalni redar) and veterinary inspection in writing.

The report should be sent via e-mail which should state as many details as possible that indicate a violation of the Animal Protection Act and attach as much evidence as possible that can serve to prove the allegations in the report. The evidence is not necessary but it makes your report more important.

You can find their phone numbers or e-mail addresses on the website of the city or municipality in question.

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