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Animal Friends invite you to a film screening as part of the Green Monday

- December 14: after a conference on the climate in Paris, Samobor reveals the truth about the cause of climate changes

This year the town of Samobor is successful host of the campaign Green Monday. After vegan dinner at Mayor's Office and public tastings and cooking workshops in the open, the award-winning documentary film screenings will happen, too.

Free screening of the "Meat the Truth" will be on December 14, 2015 at 2 P.M. at the theater of the Open University (Trg Matice Hrvatske 6) in Samobor. High school students have already announced their arrival and the projection is also open to the public.

"Meat the Truth" is an intriguing film about the climate changes that focus on one of the major causes of global warming, and that is factory farming. During 72-minutes-long film, we are being guided by Marianne Thieme, the president of Party for the Animals (Dutch political party), who shows us how cattle industry emits more glasshouse gasses than the total world traffic.
The analysis illustrated in "Meat the Truth" was conducted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Watch Institute, Institute for Environmental Studies in Amsterdam, and many other prominent institutions.

By watching brief animations and talking to scientists, audience will see in which ways the consumption of meat and other animal byproducts is responsible for such a vast emission of greenhouse gasses, and why is it destroying the climate and our planet.

The ongoing protests in the world on the occasion of a conference in Paris about climate changes, which ended on December 11, are giving the warning about critical impact of livestock production on greenhouse gas emissions. It was pointed out that reducing the amount of meat and dairy products is essential to stop the rise of a global temperature below the critical two degrees Celsius. Demonstrators are calling the leaderships of the states to lead its citizens into eating habits changes and to literally save the world from dying.

"Meat the Truth" offers a solution to consumers. Each of us can contribute to solve this global problem. Joining the international campaign Green Monday and changing their habits at least one day a week is a good, first step, toward an environmentally sustainable, plant-based diet and to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment and sustainability on this planet.

Those who cannot come to the screening of the film can watch the movie at Animal Friends YouTube channel.

More information about Green Monday campaign can be found on www.zeleni-ponedjeljak.com.

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