11/19/14 Report Against the City of Karlovac for Violating the Animal Protection Act

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Ministry of Agriculture
The Veterinary and Food Safety Administration
c / o Ph. D. Mirjana Matausic-Pisl, DVM, Assistant Minister
Planinska ulica 2a
10000 Zagreb

November 19, 2014

Subject: Report of the City of Karlovac for violations of the Animal Protection Act

Dear Ms. Matausic-Pisl,

After unsuccessful attempts to, along with other organizations and concerned citizens, encourage the City of Karlovac to applicate the legislations and responsible care for abandoned animals, we are reporting the City of Karlovac and responsible persons - the mayor Damir Jelic, Deputy Mayor Marino Kolakovic and Deputy Mayor Dubravka Delic - for violations of the Animal Protection Act.

The Animal Protection Act with Articles 56 and 58 of the local or regional government stipulates the obligation of the construction and financing of shelters for abandoned animals, organizing information center for abandoned and lost animals and an obligation to encourage animal protection and education of citizens through the development of public awareness, in particular young, regarding the protection of animals. Although the deadline for implementation of these obligations expired five years ago, the City of Karlovac continues to violate the law and supports the non-transparent operations of the company CRPK Ltd. where the concession entrusted its holding and disposal of dogs from the area of ​​Karlovac County.

The law (Art 67, paragraph 1, items 58 and 59) stipulates that a fine of 30,000 to 50,000 HRK shall be imposed on a legal person, a fine of 5,000 to 10,000 HRK on a responsible person in the legal entity and a fine ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 HRK for individual if shelter founders do not organize an information center for abandoned and lost animals and do not provide the information about the animals to the public as well as to other animal shelters on the Croatian territory and to the competent authority if the shelter does not provide veterinary animal healthcare.

The City of Karlovac already for many years funds the company CRPK Ltd. for performing housing and care of dogs, first in Mostanje then in Utinja. Even though in recent years, citizens and animal protection associations presented a number of serious allegations of ill animals and illegal killing of dogs in the "shelter", as well as that CRPK Ltd. illegally gains material benefits and thereby damages the taxpayers, the City of Karlovac switches all responsibility and irregularities entirely on veterinary inspection.

Last year, Animal Friends organization has requested operating data for 2012 from the CRPK company regarding "shelter" in Utinja. From the submitted data it shows that out of a total of 536 dogs captured in the "shelter", 289 dogs were killed while 79 died there. 159 dogs were adopted mainly thanks to the great commitment and hard work of volunteers, not "shelter's", which clearly shows that they do not respect the Animal Protection Act in the area of ​​advertising and adopting duties.

Deputy Mayor Marina Kolakovic, during media discussions of "shelter" problems in Utinja, shows lack of understanding of the legislation and denies the responsibility of the City of Karlovac by stating: "It is our job to make sure that there are no stray dogs wondering around the city who carry a variety of hazards to people and it is the responsibility of the animal lover associations to raise public awareness about responsible treatment of pets and to develop ways of adoption". She announced that city will finance the CRPK company also next year because of their misguided way of thinking how that’s enough to comply with the Animal Protection Act.

Persons responsible for the City of Karlovac with their actions continue to violate the law by not having established an information center and the continuation of cooperation with the controversial CRPK company, although, even the veterinary inspection are pointing out to irregularities in its work. Instead of shifting responsibility for implementation of the Law on veterinary inspection, the City should be penalized because of long-standing violations of the Act and the announcement of further breaches of the legislation by signing a contract with the CRPK company for the following year.

We, therefore, urge you to take action in order for the City of Karlovac to be penalized for violating the Animal Protection Act and other regulations in the field of veterinary medicine, as well as to inform us about the actions undertaken in order to convey information to the interested public and the media.

Thank you and best regards,

Luka Oman



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