02/25/16 Ayurvedic Vegan Delicacies

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Indian Embassy and Animal Friends Croatia organizing vegan luncheon based on Ayurvedic principles

- February 26, Sheraton Hotel, healthy, balanced diet presented through the ancient Indian tradition of self-healing

On Friday, February 26, 2016, the Indian Embassy, in collaboration with Animal Friends Croatia, will organize an Ayurvedic luncheon for some state officials, members of diplomatic corps and Ayurveda stakeholders to introduce the ancient Indian tradition of self-healing through a healthy diet.

The Ayurvedic luncheon will be held at the Sheraton Hotel and hosted by His Excellency, Sandeep Kumar, Indian Ambassador to Croatia. The Chief Guest will be Dario Nakić, Minister Of Health.

The luncheon will include a lecture by Dr. Tomislav Petrusic about the Ayurvedic principles and sampling of a selection of vegan dishes from the Ayurvedic cookbook by Senka Kuser-Mijic. Carrot and orange soup, sesame and peanut rice, bulgur salad, sesame hummus, samosa, Ayurvedic rice pudding and other plant-based delicacies should meet the standards of even the most critical gourmets.

Ayurveda is today influencing the principles of healthy living in the West. Ayurveda advocates a diverse plant-based diet and places emphasis on disease prevention and the individual-based approach in establishing medical diagnosis. In Croatia too, awareness about Ayurveda is growing, with increasing number of practitioners, who have trained in India as well as centers in Europe.

Karuna, compassion towards all living beings, has from the earliest times had a special place in the philosophical systems of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism in India. The world view of nonviolence -ahimsa - has throughout Indian history been interwoven with ancient knowledge of healthy living. India is even today globally known as a country with a great majority of vegetarian population, which does not come as a surprise in view of the linkage with the 5 millennia old knowledge of Ayurvedic system of living.

The ancient eastern wisdom such as Ayurveda has perhaps not been more relevant in the global arena than in the present times. It offers guidance toward a more healthy lifestyle, in accordance with sustainable living, which is also at the core of the rapidly spreading vegan movement.

All these reasons give us at Animal Friends Croatia hope that the February 26 event will play an important role in inciting a collective awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, having scientific roots in the traditional Ayurvedic system, which has also been recognized by the World Trade Organization.

We kinly ask of media representatives to announce their arrival. The luncheon starts at 12:30 PM.

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