09/09/16 Call for participation in public discussion

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After yesterday's debate "For Better Animal Protection Act" there is still a public discussion till September 12

- Animal Friends asks citizens to support a better law by sending their comments

On Thursday, September 8 at 6 P.M., there was a discussion on the proposed new Animal Protection Act at the European House in Zagreb. Progressive amendments were proposed by the Ma. sc. Branka Bukovic Sosic, dr. Med. vet., head of the Department for Protection of Animals in the Veterinary and Food Safety at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Dr. vet. Med. Tatjana Zajec, head of the Shelter for abandoned animals of the City of Zagreb in Dumovec, and Aleksandra Hampamer, spokeswoman for Cakovec's animal shelter "Friends," reviewed the issue of abandoned animals, the need to ban the killing of dogs in shelters, the proposed mandatory sterilization of dogs and other related topics.

The terminology on the proposed ban for keeping dogs permanently on a chain and in the boxes was clarified by lawyer mr. sc. Vesna Maglicic, who further emphasized the importance of reporting any violations of the law.

The discussion was moderated by the president of Animal Friends, Luka Oman, who highlighted the exploitation of horses that are forced to carry logs in the woods and the importance of withdrawing them from competitions, among other things.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s support of the existing ban on breeding animals for fur was praised, and that law should come into effect on January 1, 2017, following the recent expiration of the ten-year phasing out period. Considering most of the breeders complied with the law so quickly, the proposal to grant an additional period of one year (to 2018) for the remaining minority of breeders was shown to be illogical.

The discussion presented a number of issues and showcased concrete proposals for new modifications, both demonstrating the public interest in a better Animal Protection Act.

Therefore, we invite all citizens to participate in the ongoing public disussion until September 12. Send your comments with support for the existing amendments or propose additional ones aimed towards animal protection.

The Act, for instance, plans to ban the keeping and use of animals in circuses, dolphins in captivity, animals in restaurants, as well as a ban on zoophilia, mandatory registration of all breeding pets, and limiting the breeding and sale of exotic animals.

Some of the necessary amendments to the prohibition address the ban on instigating and conducting of animal fighting (bull fights, etc.); the prohibition of marking equidae by branding, ritual slaughter and crushing of live chickens; and the ban on catching and killing rodents with adhesives. It is also necessary to determine the obligation for the animal shelters to remain non-profit, state penal provisions for not having established shelters and the provision of land for the construction of shelters.

Public discussion for the better law 1 [ 237.87 Kb ]Public discussion for the better law 2 [ 294.29 Kb ]Public discussion for the better law 3 [ 253.58 Kb ]Public discussion for the better law 4 [ 305.53 Kb ]

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