04/20/17 On Earth Day, Animal Friends invites all to the opening of the exhibition

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About animals and people

- 22. 4. at 12 p.m., Zagreb Ethnographic Museum: Vegan Food, performance by Lidija Bajuk

The Animal Friends Association is marking the Day of Planet Earth by collaborating with the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum, where the exhibition "About animals and people" will open at noon on April 22, 2017. Visitors will be able to explore the exhibition, taste delicious vegan snacks and observe a performance from ethno artist Lidija Bajuk. They will also have the chance to sign petitions and pick up educational materials at the Animal Friends booth. Pets are also welcome in the first Croatian Animal Friends Museum. The exhibition will be open until November 12, 2017.

On April 22nd, more than 150 countries around the world will observe the alarming situation on Earth, where most of our planetary pollution, environmental destruction and climate change is rooted in the breeding of animals for food. By choosing a vegan diet, each individual can easily stop funding industries that destroy the planet and start contributing to environmental conservation.

Important issues like this are discussed in the "About animals and people" exhibit, which aims to actively illustrate and explore the historical relationship between man and animal. Why do we hang out with some animals, despise or fear others, while imprisoning, eating, and torturing further more? How much is man like animal, what distinguishes us, what are our prejudices against them? The exhibition seeks to provide answers to these numerous, complex interactions between humans and animals.

The purpose of the exhibition is to help people overcome the common perception that animals are only biological objects and to raise awareness of the link between humans, animals and nature on an ecological, ethical and spiritual level. Along with the exhibition, a series of educational and popular science programs will be organized for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages.
Animal Friends invites everyone to visit the exhibition and contemplate the mutual relationship between humans and animals, while also considering one’s own animal activism and personal changes.

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