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Since I have spiritually matured, which was slightly later than my physical maturation, I have been against fur. Naturally, as soon as I found out that Animal Friends Croatia was gathering inquiries for potential adopters of chinchillas from fur farms, I applied without thinking. The emphasis is on “without thinking,” because after I was invited to come and pick up the chinchillas, I was a bit nervous. As it turned out (as it usually is the case), there was no reason for my nerves. Why did I have them? Because, as an average animal lover, I have two adopted cats and a dog, and I live in an apartment with my family. I knew that it would not be a problem for the dog, since she is an 18 year old lady, but the cats…

Before going to pick up the chinchillas, I studied all the available literature and went to buy all of the equipment which, besides the cage, included the swing-tube (as chinchillas are extremely sociable animals who love to play), a sand bath (since they love to clean their fur in the sand, and are naturally very clean animals), lots of hay, various types of food, and apple tree branches. You cannot possibly imagine my shock when I saw the conditions in which these poor chinchillas lived in. “My” cage was as big as approximately 18 of their former cages. They had literally been living in a metal box for shoes. Everything inside of the box was metal, with only a stone in it for grinding their teeth.

They are all together in a new space now where they like to spend their time cuddling with each other. As they are very fond of society, they also started to explore the world outside the cage. During this past month they became very cuddly and tame. Maza (11 months) is very calm and enjoys the bed the most. Capica (8 months) is a very curious chinchilla who likes to explore everything, and because of her natural curiosity, she makes new friends quicker. And so, Capica and the cats from the beginning of the story like to sniff and smell each other, and we like to refer to that as giving each other kisses. These are truly wonderful and sociable beings who make me laugh every day. Looking into their eyes when we “speak” makes me remember the saying: "Perhaps by rescuing one being you cannot change the world, but you can change the world of that being."

We are now one big, happy family, and for the rest of our lives we will forever be thankful to Animal Friends Croatia for their fight.

- adopter Lovorka Gotal Dmitrovic

Roko the chinchilla is now jumping, running and rolling in the sand with his new friend Pero whom he met in our home. Roko is now far from the chinchilla fur farmers, with whom he spent almost a year, without even a day released to run freely. I am extremely happy that he quickly adapted to his new and healthy environment, because no animal deserves to exist only for us to wear their fur.

- adopter Petra Sarin

When I saw chinchillas being adopted, I thought to myself: “Why not?“

I was counting the hours and minutes before I went to pick up my two furballs, Shilla and Dalia.

The moment I took Dalia in my arms simply cannot be described. One must live it. Love at first sight, happiness, excitement - and then a slap of reality!

Dalia has spent seven long years in a inhumane cage in terrible conditions, and for whom?!? Why?!? Because of the inhuman being who bred those innocent animals for their fur. Tears just flowed. I felt an excruciating, tremendous pain. And this is why I try each and every day to make up for all the harm they have experienced.

Each day is filled with love, we play and cuddle all the time, and Shilla and Dalia have a huuuuge cage where they can finally jump with joy.

- adopter Margarita Lucic

For me, adoption was a beautiful experience. I'm so attached to them I can't even remember how my life was without them. There is no better feeling than when I see those two little hairballs becoming more relaxed by the day and trusting people more and more.

- Sestak family

We're very happy you have chosen us to be the adopters and that Tufahija and Baklava came to our home. It's great to see how they've transformed from terrified creatures into true little curious explorers. We'll do our best to make them forget about their unhappy start to life and help them live peacefully and happily as our family members. Once again, we thank Animal Friends for giving us the opportunity to do so.

- adopters Suncica, Nikola and Monika

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