12/01/17 March for Animal Rights!

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Croatia joins the international movement on the occasion of International Animal Rights Day

- December 9th at 11 A.M., a gathering on the King Tomislav square: big procession will pass the city center of Zagreb

On Saturday, December 9th, 2017, at 11 A.M., on the occasion of International Animal Rights Day, many friends of animals will gather on King Tomislav square in Zagreb to march for animals through the center of Zagreb. With colorful posters and impressive photos they will invite people to stand up for the rights of animals who are tortured and killed daily.

The Animal Friends association, Pobjede ("Victories") association, and other associations invite everyone to stand by those deprived of basic rights, join other like-minded people, and be a part of the growing revolution for nonviolence and justice.

"Join us so we can stand together on that side of history for which we won't have to be ashamed one day. It is time that we see the connection between the different forms of discrimination and together set foot into a better, more humane and fairer world," says Luka Oman, president of the Animal Friends.

Many guests from nearby towns, as well as related associations from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia will be joining the March, and support was also received from environmental and civil society organisations.

March for the Animals welcomes everyone and all those who wish to highlight any injustice done to animals. Namely, animals are kept in inhumane conditions, exploited for human entertainment, killed for the production of clothing and food, exposed to tests in laboratories, and abandoned and abused, so instead of coexisting on this planet, they are suffering through genocide.

Animal cruelty is present all over the world, which is a reflection of human heartlessness, considering that today we have the ability to live and let others live without depending on animal exploitation in any form. All participants will join the March with the message: "We must not be silent about the suffering of animals, we must act with a goal to stop inducing pain to living beings."

International Animal Rights Day has been commemorated since 1998, the same day as Human Rights Day (on December 10th) to point out the fact that we are sharing this planet with other animal species who, like us, have the right to live without captivity, exploitation, and killing.

At the Facebook event March for Animals you can take a look at the inspirational video invitation and find out more about the importance of the March for Animals in Croatia.

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