08/18/17 Vegan pizza looks good on everyone, too!

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The atmosphere before the 10th jubilee edition of the ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living is heating up

- 8 and 9 September: a gastronomic idyll, cooking workshops, a presentation on sex and veganism and more

The biggest vegan festival in this part of Europe, Zagreb's ZeGeVege has become synonymous with good food. Those who want to try something new, tasty and healthy won’t be able to make up their minds once they’re overwhelmed with the delicious smells and incredible offerings, all made without animal ingredients, during this year's 10th jubilee edition of ZeGeVege Festival.

This year, for the first time, several varieties of vegan pizza will be on offer. Animal Friends already partnered with ten pizzerias that introduced pizzas without animal-derived ingredients on the first day of spring. Worthy of note, one of those pizzerias sold over 300 vegan pizzas during that day!

Precisely because of such high demand, visitors of this year's ZeGeVege will have an opportunity to try delicious vegan pizzas, made with plant based mature cheddar, seitan gyros, tofu and various vegetables. Aside from the pizzerias, seven restaurants will offer vegan creations like hemp burgers, falafel, goulash, Dalmatian pasticada and wok, as well as vegan ice cream and desserts.

Those with a thirst for knowledge will have an opportunity to hone their culinary skills during ZeGeVege at free cooking workshops. Others can fill up their fridge and cosmetic bags with various products that will be offered on 100 stalls across Ban Jelacic Square.

Like every year, the cooking workshops will correct prejudices about cooking with vegan ingredients, and the attendees will even learn how to make a floating island (Austrian: Schneenockerln), a dessert that is traditionally made exclusively of cow's milk and eggs. Visitors will also have an opportunity to taste vegan scrambled eggs, pancakes, mayonnaise, protein spreads, plant milk, desserts and more.

The Croatian Veganmania will have a rich programme of thematically diverse presentations, including a fascinating presentation on the connection between sex and vegan diets. The presentations on vegan diets for children, vegan athletes, prejudices about veganism, and the specific experiences of coexistence with rescued farm animals will also attract the attention of the visitors.

A short presentation will be held by Ana Laura Kapetanovic, the model who wore Djurdjica Vorkapić's kale dress to invite visitors to ZeGeVege and spread the message “Veganism looks good on everyone,” reminding the public that everyone can benefit from a vegan diet. She will talk about her personal experiences with maintaining a vegan diet on the road, as well as her impact on other people when it comes to awakening their compassion towards animals.

Animal Friends, the organiser of ZeGeVege, is preparing a bunch of interesting activities and surprises to mark the 10th edition of the Festival and inviting everyone who wants to have fun and eat delicious food to join on September 8th and 9th at Ban Jelacic Square. Join us, and find out more about the most popular movement in the world, and learn firsthand how changing dietary habits can not only contribute to our health and help animals, but also have an impact on environmental protection and feeding the hungry across the globe.

More information is available at www.zegevege.com.

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