06/29/20 Hunting dogs in bad condition on the island Hvar

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State Inspector's Office of the Republic of Croatia
Veterinary Inspection Sector
Šubićeva 29
10 000 Zagreb

Dear to whom it may concern,
On the 20th of June 2020 we have received an e-mail with the following content:

I'm a tourist from Europe. During walking from Milna to Malo Grabije I saw probably illegal breeding of dogs that somebody keeps in cages in bad conditions. Dogs haven't got space, food and the cages are very dirty. Nobody cleans there. Now a couple of puppies are born there. The mother doesn't have food and water. The owner probably doesn't care enough for these dogs and doesn't visit often. This is unacceptable. Somebody should check the condition of these dogs and forbid the owner to breed them and earn on them. Please do something and check it.
I paste the link of localization this place:
21450, Malo Grablje, Chorwacja
5F8R+59 Milna, Hvar, Chorwacja

Considering the fact that a sender of this e-mail did not attach any photographs of the premises where dogs are held, we have asked a villager of Jelsa – island of Hvar – to check the address shown by Google and explore the situation.

The person has reached the premises where animals are held where she found several grown-up dogs and one female dog with puppies only a few weeks old.

She has informed us of their extremely poor living conditions and has stated that she is not able to confirm that all five puppies she has seen are alive.
More hound dogs were placed in small wire boxes, with no access to fresh water, exposed to heavy weather, and with a questionable health condition, allegedly malnourished.

We emphasize that this situation with dogs keeping we have not reported to the Department of Utility of town Hvar which has jurisdiction over this matter, due to past events, where after reporting, dogs went missing.

Following all stated, we require urgent inspection surveillance due to dogs neglecting considering their placement, health, nourishing, and care.
Besides Google Maps, we are sending you directions on how to reach the place where dogs are held.

Once again we would like to remind you that according to our source dogs are in terrible shape, especially puppies, and we urge you to make this urgent surveillance and to utilize all legal authority you have in order to sanction dogs' owner(s).

Ivana Lunka

Report send on 29th of June 2020 to e-mail: online-prijave@dirh.hr

Veterinary Inspection's answer received on 15th of July 2020:


Following your report from 29th of June 2020 related to holding several hunting dogs on location near Milna village, the island of Hvar, all authorities have acted within their jurisdiction, including the Department of Utility of town Hvar, an authorized veterinarian from Starigrad as well as this Veterinary Inspection.

It has been determined that all hunting dogs have their microchips and are vaccinated against rabies, as well as that their welfare is not compromised and dogs' owners are responsible hunters and owners who are familiar with their commitments related to breeding hunting dogs.

Furthermore, in this concrete event, it is not considered nor classed as „illegal dogs kennel“, as stated in your report.

According to all listed above, this Inspection has no valid basis for the further action.

Kind regards,
Zorica Lupi, dr.med.vet.,
Higher veterinary inspector



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