05/03/22 May - Castration Awareness Month

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Animal Friends Croatia invites all Croatian pet owners to inquire about castration for their male and female dogs and cats and to schedule an appointment in May.

Many veterinarians across Croatia are encouraging individuals to bring their pets in for this regular, but a crucial procedure that prevents unwanted pups and kittens and ensures your pets' health.

Many veterinarians will use education to increase awareness, provide information, and emphasize the significance of this operation throughout the month of May. They will provide discounts and promotions for the procedure, as well as information on the possible city or municipality subsidies or co-financing.

The purpose is to draw attention to the link between animal abandonment and uncontrolled reproduction. Dogs and cats are highly reproductive species, with populations that can multiply tenfold in a matter of years. Castration is an essential tactic in the fight against their desertion, especially given the overcrowding in shelters and the expensive cost of their care. Croatia ranks poorly among European countries in terms of the number of castrations conducted, which is reflected in the enormous number of unwanted dogs and cats.

The Animal Protection Act makes it mandatory to regulate the reproduction of pets, which is best accomplished through castration. This immediately benefits animals and can help them avoid certain diseases, particularly as they age. According to research, castrated animals are less prone to developing tumors, uterine inflammations, and false pregnancies. It also stops the animal from suffering psychologically, behaving aggressively against other animals, or fleeing from home owing to excessive sex drive.

Animal Friends Croatia also alerted all local communities about Castration Awareness Month, urging them to fund the castration of domestic dogs and cats, which is currently a common practice in many cities and municipalities. The animal castration project in the earthquake-affected parts of Sisak-Moslavina County has revealed a pressing need to popularize and fund castrations throughout Croatia in order to reduce animal suffering and financial outlays as a result of animal abandonment.

Animal Friends Croatia hopes that by taking this step, which benefits both the animals and their caregivers, they will be able to make castration as accessible as possible, increase the number of surgeries performed in May, and spread information about its benefits and importance.

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