09/19/22 Inspirational talks and creative workshops at ZeGeVege

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Animal Friends Croatia announces interesting guests on stage and attractions for children on September 23 and 24

- Two days in the center of Zagreb, education about food, sustainability, ecology, and animal rights

Speeches and workshops are an extremely important and well-attended part of the ZeGeVege festival, which is being held for the 14th annual time on Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square, on Friday, September 23rd from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday, September 24th, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Enjoy a rich offer from vegan food manufacturers, restaurants with ready-made meals, animal and environmental protection associations, and non-animal tested cosmetics, alongside an attractive program on stage in the form of educational interviews with interesting guests brought to you by your organizers, Animal Friends Croatia.

Through dynamic, inspiring, and educational conversations with different speakers, visitors will be able to learn useful information about the benefits of veganism and sustainable lifestyles for health, the environment, and the beings we share the planet with. They will also be able to get recipes for a variety of delicious dishes.

On Friday, we will talk about: changes that are being achieved by environmental and climate activists; what is the availability of ready-made vegan products in Croatia; how to live healthy for 22 days on plant-based fuel; the future of the oceans due to fossil fuels and fishing; the deadly waste in the sea; what do winning athletes eat; and experiences of vegans on cooking shows.

The host Sara Mešin will talk about these current topics with: activists of the Extinction Rebellion movement, cooking workshop manager Anita Petrović, Hrvoje Harač from the Victory Association who runs Super Challenge 22, Greenpeace campaign manager Petra Andrić, winner of the Balkan Marathon Championship Ana Štefulj , food blogger Matei Negovetić, Matko Pojatin from the Society for Underwater Sports and Fabijan Peronja from the organization WWF Adria. An impressive performance "Cube of Truth" will also take place.

On Saturday, the following will speak from the stage: activist Dominica Firšt from the group Anonymous for the Voiceless, nutritionist Maja Ljubas, food blogger Martina Đođo, activist Nina Plenar Jeličić, professor Lidija Bakota and holder of the "Animal Law" course at the Faculty of Law in Osijek Boris Bakota, ultramarathoner Igor Drašković, and fitness trainers and nutrition consultants Ivana Martinec and Marko Samardžija.

They will talk about vegan activism, preparing healthy vegan meals for children, simple and affordable vegan meals, nutrition that saves the planet, misuse of language when talking about animals, the status of animals in the legal system, vegans who run ultra trails and how to achieve a vegan diet to a healthy and fit body.

Animal Friends Croatia adds that, as part of the educational Children's Corner, children and parents will be particularly pleased with the workshops of painting canvas backpacks for children and textile recycling for children and parents. The installation of VegeEDU on five educational panels will attract everyone with recipes, recommendations for movies and books about veganism, and many other interesting things. They note that it will be possible to sign current petitions and European citizens' initiatives at ZeGeVege, and every visitor will receive a brochure with interesting information and recipes.

The organization of the ZeGeVege festival is on a non-profit basis. Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone who wants and can help to apply for volunteering and participate in the creation of another great Croatian Veganmania. The program of the 14th ZeGeVege festival can be followed on the website www.zegevege.com and on the Facebook page of the ZeGeVege festival.

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