10/01/22 A month for celebrating the love of animals

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October - The month when we celebrate the benefits of plant nutrition for animals, health, and the environment.

01.10. – Today is World Vegetarian Day, and tomorrow is World Farm Animal Day.

October is known as the month when people celebrate their love for animals! It all starts on World Vegetarian Day (October 1st) when many people celebrate the removal of animals from their plates. Then, on October 2, there is World Farm Animal Day, which draws attention to the enormous suffering and death of billions of farm animals. During October, we are encouraged to reflect on our attitudes toward animals and the habits that influence their fate, the fate of other people, the environment, and our bodies.

Animal Friends Croatia is urging everyone to sign the citizens' initiative "End the Age of Slaughterhouses," which aims to gather one million signatures to begin investing in the technology of producing plant and cultivated meat in Europe, i.e. meat that does not harm animals or the environment.

Celebrities such as Darko Rundek, Mate Rimac, Goran Vinjic, Igor Barberi, and Maria Omaljev, as well as world-famous stars such as Mayim Bialik, Billie Eilish, Ricky Gervais, Moby, and Joaquin Phoenix, are among those cutting meat from their diet. "I don't want to hurt another compassionate being." I don't want to take his kids away from him. I don't want to force him into captivity and fattening just to be slaughtered. It's absurd and barbaric," renowned vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix said in one of his many public animal appearances.

Vegetarians do not eat animals, such as meat and fish, and many do not eat eggs, while vegan vegetarians do not consume milk or honey, eating only foods of vegetable origin. In 2010, the European Parliament passed an amendment that gave the terms "vegetarian" and "vegan" legal definitions and protection. This ensures that products labeled "vegetarian" do not contain products derived from any animals (including fish), nor do those labeled "vegan" or "foods of animal origin." There is also European product and dish labeling, known as the V-label.

World Farm Animal Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the fact that tens of billions of animals are bred, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually killed each year due to the human habit of eating meat, milk, and eggs. Animal friends advise those who care about animals but do not want to participate in their torture and killing, as well as the destruction of the environment and their health, to go meatless and make a significant positive change for the entire planet.

"It is devastating and unethical for people to reduce sentient beings to the level of inanimate objects and subject them to the most heinous suffering to justify eating their bodies and secretions." Hundreds of thousands of animals spend their final days inside one object, unable to move, see sunlight, or breathe fresh air. They cut off parts of their bodies and castrate them without anesthesia, take their children, feed them to other animals' carcasses, and stuff them with antibiotics and hormones. "The psychological and physical pain they experience during the process is no less intense than the pain that people experience," Animal Friends said.

The Association hopes that World Vegetarian Day and World Farm Animal Day will serve as an incentive for everyone to take the first step, which is to learn about the vegan diet and its many benefits for animals, humans, the environment, health, and combating climate change. They are encouraging everyone to participate in the Veggie Challenge, which can be found at www.veganopolis.net.

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