03/17/23 Plant-based meat is in fashion!

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Tasting of Vegan sarma and other plant-based dishes on MeatOut Day

- March 20, Jelačić Square: presentation of vegan versions of Balkan dishes and promotion of a cookbook

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The stunning smell of vegan sarma will spread through Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square on Monday, March 20, 2023, from 11 a.m. On that day, Animal Friends Croatia celebrates MeatOut Day, i.e. World Meat-Free Day, which has been celebrated since 1985. Delicious vegan sarma will be prepared by a vegan couple who lives and works in Vienna, and whose recipes for Balkan vegan dishes have already conquered Austria. The married couple Šarkanović will hold the presentation of the cookbook on the same day in the vegan restaurant OAZA Joyful Kitchen, starting at 6 p.m., during which they will treat the visitors with a musical performance of several guitar songs.

Jelena Cvetković Šarkanović, originally from Slovenia, and Igor Šarkanović, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, created a cookbook of traditional Balkan dishes in a vegan guise, which delights everyone who gets their hands on it. Jelena says that the idea for the cookbook was given to her by all the people who wondered what she and her husband eat as vegans. Hence, she wanted to make something special, yet at the same time, ordinary, for everyone’s enjoyment. The "Balkan Vegan" cookbook contains recipes for dishes such as sarma, stuffed peppers, đuveč, moussaka, popara or bean stew and other specialties. It is available in English and German, and their website www.bitewithzest.com has vegan recipes and articles about veganism.

MeatOut Day was launched so that people around the world welcome spring by honoring animals and get encouraged to eliminate meat from their diet. Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that it is necessary to drastically reduce the consumption of meat, milk and eggs for the sake of environmental protection and the survival of life on Earth: "The preservation of wild species and biodiversity, cleaner water, soil, and air, health and longevity, and empathy towards all beings are the benefits of a plant-based diet. "

They point out that plant substitutes for meat have excellent taste and nutritional value, and contain the same or more protein than animal meat. They are intended for everyone, available in various stores, and are easy to prepare at home.

"Vegetable burgers, salami, steaks, kebabs, nuggets, sausages, kebabs, pates, meatballs and hot dogs are just some of the vegetable substitutes for meat available on our market. All of the above can also be made from your kitchen's plant ingredients. Today it is really easy and interesting to be vegan, so it’s not surprising that plant-based meat is in fashion, and attracts everyone, regardless of their usual diet," adds Animal Friends.

They also invite everyone to sign the European initiative found at endtheslaughterage.eu , which aims to invest more in further development of plant-based and cultured meat life-saving technology that can end slaughterhouses.

"MeatOut Day is a great opportunity to welcome spring with new knowledge and better eating habits," concludes Animal Friends Croatia.

Translated by Vito Čubrilo

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