04/18/23 The first announcement of VeggieFair

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Animal Friends Croatia announce the 12th VeggieFair, which will be held this year at the European Square in Zagreb.

- June 3, 2023, Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.; a rich selection of plant-based products and dishes for sustainability and compassion.

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This year's 12th VegeFair will be held on the European Square in Zagreb on Saturday, June 3, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. VegeFair continues with educational content and aims to introduce citizens to the offer and advantages of vegan products and dishes, bringing touch of positive atmosphere to the center of Zagreb this year.

Animal Friends Croatia, as the organizers of VeggieFair, will try to bring the ideas of sustainable living, ecology, healthy eating and non-violence to visitors in the most accessible and delicious way - by offering exclusively plant-based food for a colorful refrigerator, filling the pantry or eating something "off your feet". "This year, we are preparing a new large educational guide on Ban Jelačić Square with interesting information that will lead many passers-by to the European Square, and the delicious food and excellent content and program accompanied by music will certainly keep them there," - concludes the Association.

At VeggieFair, ethically and ecologically conscious producers and suppliers of plant-based food and cosmetic products that have not been tested on animals, as well as small producers of agricultural and ecological products, will be presented. Ready-made hot or cold meals and refreshments, as well as various plant-based food products, will be offered. Those looking for exotic foods will be able to taste Middle Eastern dishes or buy various tropical fruits.

A special place at the VegeFair will be occupied by the Animal Friends Croatia educational stand, where it will be possible to get all the information and advice on animal protection and rights, vegan dishes and recipes, adoption of abandoned animals, vegan lifestyle, environmental protection and volunteering. VeggieFair is also specific in that V-label holders will also be presented there. The V-label, the European vegetarian label, is a unique quality mark awarded by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) for over 20 years. Its primary goal is to enable consumers to easily identify products without ingredients of animal origin, as well as places where they can consume such products. The V-mark is becoming more and more popular and attractive to an increasing number of producers and customers in Croatia as well.

The 12th VeggieFair is also the announcement of the 15th ZeGeVege festival of sustainable living, which will be held at the beginning of September, also on Zagreb's European Square. "VeggieFair is a real little vegan treasure for everyone who wants to change their habits for the benefit of their own health, animals and the environment. Through delicious food and products, we want to introduce everyone to veganism, which is necessary for a better future and for the world to remain the way we want it to be with all its beauty and biodiversity. By the way, VeggieFair provides good entertainment and interesting things through tasting and various promotions. That's why we invite everyone to come and get important information, some positive energy and cheerfulness on Saturday, June 3rd at the European Square", says Animal Friends Croatia.

VeggieFair complies with the Low Carbon Strategy and its measures related to the promotion of the production and promotion of plant products, which was announced in 2021 in the Croatian Parliament. Turning to vegan products is necessary for survival and stopping the destruction of our only planet. Every step in this direction is extremely important, and VeggieFair can be a good source of information and concrete encouragement.

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