04/20/23 I have milk because I am a mother!

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Animal Friends Croatia put up billboards across the country with an impressive message

- Posted posters arouse emotions and motivate them to change their eating habits

Animal Friends Croatia Association has placed billboards all over the country with an emotional and encouraging message motivating to replace cow's milk with plant-based milk. "I have milk not because I am a cow, but because I am a mother" is a prominent fact on the poster, which is apparently banal, but many people do not know it. Namely, according to a public opinion survey, as many as 68.4% of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia do not know that cows on dairy farms produce milk because they have given birth. The most common opinion is that they achieve milk secretion after sexual maturity, and not for the same reasons as other mammals, i.e. after the birth of a child.

"There is nothing crueler than taking a child from a mother, and the entire dairy industry is based on the abuse of motherhood. In order to manipulate their reproductive systems, cows are repeatedly artificially inseminated, and then their calves are taken away immediately after birth. Mother cows show symptoms of anxiety and mourning after being separated from their young, and this is often manifested through depression, apathy and refusal of food. Most of the cows on dairy farms are exhausted and their 'productive life' expires by the age of five, after which they are sent to slaughter," Animal Friends Croatia points out.

They also add that cows are the animals whose bodies are most intensively exploited for human consumption, and male calves end up in the slaughterhouse as an unwanted byproduct of this industry. The dairy industry tries to hide or distort all of the above. Some of the producers go so far with their marketing approach that they portray the cows as happy or queens, thereby deceiving and deceiving the public. However, 85.1% of the public believes that it is misleading that dairy products are advertised by depicting cows that are happy or live like queens.

With posters in Zagreb, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Osijek, Sisak, Koprivnica, Dubrovnik, Našice, Slavonski Brod, Bjelovar and other cities, Animal Friends Croatia wants to encourage citizens to try one of the many types of plant-based milk: "Using plant-based milk products is a positive step which has a significant impact on human health, reducing the carbon footprint and preventing animal cruelty."

"Every mammal's milk is different because its composition is adapted to the young of its species: cow's milk is adapted to calves, dog's milk to puppies, and cat's milk to kittens. Cow's milk, not only is not intended for human consumption but is also completely unnatural, considering that humans are the only species that drink milk in adulthood, to the detriment of their own health, the environment and the cows from which it was taken," they point out.

"People naturally lose the ability to digest milk as they grow older, and drinking milk is associated with anemia, cramps and diarrhea, and is the cause of various forms of allergies, hormone problems, acne and cancer. The countries with the highest consumption of cow's milk also have the highest percentage of osteoporosis, because proteins of animal origin use up calcium," concludes Animal Friends Croatia.

They also tell everyone to think about mother cows and their fate, help them and choose some of the various types of vegetable milk and cheese that are available on the market or can be made at home. At www.trazisekraljica.net you can see a presentation of real practices in the milk industry and read the brochure "Plant milk conquers the world" full of information and recipes for delicious dishes.

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