05/31/23 Greater Production of Plant-based Dairy Products Required

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Animal Friends Croatia sent a proposal to Croatian dairies to start with the production of plant-based milk

- Many companies already introduced plant-based milk and are expanding the vegan offer because of the environment, health and animals.

Considering that the interest and demand for plant-based products are continuously and rapidly increasing, more and more companies are also introducing plant-based milk in their offers and some of them have completely transformed their production and turned to production of exclusively vegan products. That is why Animal Friends Croatia sent a proposal to all Croatian dairies to include the production of plant-based milk and plant-based dairy products in their business plans. As they say, that is how they can single out themselves on the market as environmentally conscious and modern companies who recognize the new consumer dietary needs and wishes and are turning towards the future.

Plant-based products are attracting more and more attention from the young generation consumers, 63% of millennials are trying to include plant-based food into their diet. Members of the Gen-Z (people born between 1995 and 2007) are more conscious of the food impact has on health and welfare, whereby even as many as 75% of them have declared they are reducing the consumption of animal products.

As per Animal Friends Croatia statements, vegan products are attractive to all, regardless of dietary habits and the necessity for stopping climate changes is a strong incentive for many companies for the development of low-carbon plant-based products. Furthermore, people are increasingly more aware of the health advantages of plant-based milk and cruel practices related to animal breeding and slaughterhouses.

„We believe that we will encourage some of the Croatian dairies to the production of plant-based milk, cheese, cream, yogurt and other products. The dairy industry is the cause of the large consumption of drinking water and other resources and is a huge environmental polluter. Introducing plant-based products is a huge step that has a significant impact on people’s health, reduction of carbon print and preventing the cruelty towards the animals”, Animal Friends Croatia says.

One of the most known companies that have completely changed its business is the dairy Elmhurst Dairy, with headquarters in New York, in 2016, after more than 90 years of being in business, announced it to stop the production of cow milk in order to produce plant-based milk. This truly inspiring transition story is also noted on their web page where they offer a large variety of plant-based milk from rice, oats, walnuts, Indian nuts and pistachio.

Also world-wide known is the case of the farmer Jay Wild who sent his entire herd of cows to the local animal shelter instead of the slaughterhouse and started plant-based production. The film „73 Cows” was also made and received an award for the best 15-minute short film at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTA).

There are also positive examples in Croatia so on our market plant-based milk and other plant-based products are more and more available, both from small and larger producers. It is foreseen that the global market for plant-based drinks will increase by 11.2 % in the next five years, and knowing that many dairies do not have either the knowledge or the resources for switching to plant-based products there are worldwide programs that offer help to dairy farms with the transition from animal breeding to plant-based production.

With their campaign on www.trazisekraljica.net Animal Friends Croatia is attempting to encourage individuals to find out more about dairy industry cruelty towards cows and calves. „All who into their diet introduce plant-based milk can play a key and true role in creating a better world for all beings, that being a world in which children are not taken away from mothers and the world where someone’s life is not ended in violence and at the end of their production period”, Animal Friends Croatia concluded and invited all to watch the new video with passers-by reactions that were at the main Zagreb square and peaked into the truck where films were shown documenting the painstaking life of cows.

In the free brochure „Plant-based Milk Conquering the World” all interested can find out more about the importance of production and offer of plant-based milk.

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