09/21/23 Belgium notified about dog rapist residing in the country!

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Animal Friends Croatia wrote to Belgian animal protection groups and leading media.

- The statute of limitations has expired and Ivor Ivanišević remains unpunished for monstrous dog abuse

Today the statute of limitations has expired for the notorious case of Ivor Ivanišević who raped his two dogs over a period of six years, of which one died, and shared photos and videos of the abuse on the internet, thus inciting others like him to do the same. On this occasion, Animal Friends Croatia sent a memo to relevant animal protection groups and leading media in Belgium to inform them that there is a person at large in Belgium who has been sentenced twice in Croatia with the possibility of appeal for an appalling crime against dogs. In the memo, the group expresses hope that the Croatian judiciary has learned a lesson from this case and, as such, will never again allow justice to fail in such a severe and disgraceful manner. They believe there is hope this may happen due to the forthcoming amendments to the Penal Code which should increase maximum penalties for animal torture and killing, and the subsequent statute of limitations, while animal abandonment should finally be sanctioned by a prison sentence.

Animal Friends Croatia is horrified by the fact that Ivanišević is now a free man, free to continue committing despicable crimes and share pornographic material involving animals, without any punishment and with an explicit name. There is a possibility this may encourage him further to commit even worse crimes due to the inaction of legal institutions and a lack of penalty.

It seems as if cases always get stuck at some point – whether it is a community warden who finds a barrel acceptable housing for a dog, a veterinary inspector who finds justification for keeping a chained dog in a corn field, a veterinarian who believes that a beaten horse is “just a little shy,” a magistrate who sympathizes with the abuser instead of the victim, a mayor or a commissioner who “hasn’t managed” to organize a dog micro-chipping check or ‘does not know’ who is in charge of it, to name a few absurd shortcomings of the Croatian institutions.

According to Animal Friends Croatia, not only are animal protection groups disappointed by such an outcome of the most infamous case of dog rape in Croatia, but also dissatisfied citizens who regularly contact them expressing their disbelief and anger at Ivanišević’s escape from punishment. They hope the relevant ministry will recognize the importance of including a ban on animal fights and animal sexual abuse in the Penal Code as a particularly cruel offense of animal maltreatment, as well as stipulate a ban on perpetrators procuring new animals.

The group has proposed a sentence of up to five years in prison for animal sexual abuse and distribution of such material.

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